10 Best Curly Box Braid Hairstyles for Fall and Winter

Age ain't nothing but a number with this look.

How do you create curly box braids? This is probably a question many may have as they are noticing that the curly box braid trend is currently having a moment. Short answer: It all depends on the type of hair you choose for your braids.

Not all extensions can create a curly finish, and not all extensions should be styled using a heat styling tool (as some extensions can burn). If you want to achieve curly box braids, it all starts with buying the right hair. During your hunt, you can search for wet and wavy braiding hair, braiding hair that can withstand heat, or hair that becomes curly when wet.

The Best Curly Box Braid Hairstyles for 2024

Using any of these options will help you achieve the curly box braid style. If you need any style inspiration, look no further than the gallery above:

1. Drop Curled

curly box braids: drop curls
Chunky loose curls.

This loose curl look is done on tree braids. To recreate the curls, you can use a medium-sized curling iron or set your hair with rollers after washing your braids. Once you’re done with creating the curls, separate them with your fingers for volume.

2. Mini Box Braids with Curls

curly box braids: half up micro
Add a curly look to micro braids.

Although the look is beautiful whether it’s worn straight or not, there’s just something about neat and defined curls on a micro braid style.

Use small flexi-rods at night to help maintain the curl on your hair and set with a firm hold hairspray like TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4.

3. Faux Box Braid Bob with Curls

curly box braids: short gray hair
A style for all ages.

This box braid style works for everyone! Fake the look of a shorter style by creating tight curls. We love how these curls were used to create a faux bob style.

4. Curly Box Tree Braids

curly box braids: tree braids
Tree braids offer a natural look.

When it comes to choosing braids that create a more natural look, women often tend to go for tree braids. Try a tree braid style with kinky curly hair to mimic the look of your natural curl pattern.

Keep your braids hydrated by incorporating SheaMoisture Head-To-Toe Nourishing Hydration 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil into your routine.

5. Loose Wave

loose wave curly box braids
A loose wave to add body to your braids.

If you’re looking for creating a curl pattern just to achieve a loose wave effect for body, opt for this style. To achieve the look you can try coiling sections of your hair into Bantu knots overnight, then release them in the morning.

For hold, spray hair with a strong hold hairspray like Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray.

6. Long and Curly

long curly box braids
The crimped curl effect.

Into a crimped look? Try braiding your hair into chunky plaits to create a crimped effect. You can braid just the ends to create a curly ends look, or begin the crimps from the roots of your hair.

7. Red and Black Curly Box Braids

curly box braids red streaks
Curly red box braid streaks pop nicely against dark skin tones.

We love how this red hair color pops against dark skin tones. Make your hair color stand out even more with a set of coily and defined curls on your box braids.

8. Comb-Over Curly Box Braids

We love the combo thin box braids with curly ends.

This neatly done box braids with curly ends are guaranteed to give you a cool allure. Ideal if you want to get the best of both hairstyles.

9. Colorful Curly Box Braids

Colorful box braids are trendy in any season!

What’s better than box braids? Box braids with a pop of color, of course! Add a vibrant hue to your new hairtstyle to make heads turn whenever you go by!

10. Thin Box Braids With Curls

bob box braids waves
A slight wave adds some texture and dimension to this style.

If you have fine hair, you can still go for thinner box braids that follow your hair’s natural texture and shape.

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