Ghana Braids: 10 Protective Style Ideas You Should Try Now

Alyssa François | 15 November 2017

We’re so obsessed with this popular protective look, and we’re sure you’ll be too.

Ghana braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles at the moment. Just a while ago everyone was wearing different iterations of box braid styles but they have quickly moved onto this cornrow style. What we love about Ghana braids (and all other braids) is that the style is extremely versatile: It’s one of those protective hairstyles you can wear to the office or for a night out on the town. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about dedicating much time in the morning (or any other time, for that matter) to styling your hair. With these kinds of braids, you just set it and forget it!

Thinking about trying this style out for a change? We’ve rounded up 10 of our top favorite Ghana braid styles:

10 Ghana Braids Styles To Try  During Protective-Style Season

ghana braids: braided bun
Pair your Ghana braids with a thick chunky braided bun.

1. Ghana Braids High Braided Bun

One way to wear the look is in a chic top knot style. If you don’t want to try a basic top knot, you can opt for this chunky single braided look. When you’re tired of the bun, loosen the braid and let your hair hang down, ponytail-style.

Ghana Braids: Curved Braids
Add visual interest with curved lines.

2. Curved Braids

There are so many ways in which Ghana braids can be braided. A popular style is having your hair braided with curved hair parts. Your stylist will part your hair with some curves, then weave some braids down each part.

Ghana Braids Low Bun
One of the best looks for work or play.

3. Sleek Low Bun

Want something sleek? Try the low bun style. We love how easy and simple this hairdo is.

Ghana Braids: skinny braids
Mix it up with skinny and medium-sized braids.

4. Skinny and Medium-Sized Braids

With this braided style, the more creative your style is, the better! Mix up the style with different braid variations.

Ghana Braids: Low Ponytail
Pull your braids into a low ponytail.

5. The Low Ponytail

If you want to switch up your look from time to time, you can forgo the bun and let your braids hang low in a ponytail.

Ghana braids: high ponytail style
Cute high ponytail style.

6. High Ponytail Style

Want a style with a much more dramatic ponytail effect? Go for this extra-long ponytail style. Make it unique by added colored extensions to your hair to create accent braids.

Ghana braids: side braids
Ghana braid style with deep side part.

7. Deep Side-Part Effect

Need another example of how you can get the Ghana braid low bun style? Take a cue from this look. The braids give the deep side-part effect.

Skinny Ghana braids
Go for a thinner version of the look.

8. Skinny Cornrow Style

Not all Ghana braid styles have to be medium to chunky in size. If you prefer a smaller braid, try this look. Keep your braid sleek and shiny with the help of a shine spray that also provides hold. We like to use TRESemmé Smooth & Silky No Frizz Shine Spray to add sheen and keep frizz at bay.

Ghana braids: twist style
Want something other than braids? Try Ghana twists

9. Ghana Twists

Everyone these days can wear braids, but naturally you’d want something slightly different from the rest. We get it; it’s okay to want a look that stands out. Give Ghana twists a shot. Instead of braiding the hair in cornrows, your stylist will flat-twist your strands instead.

Ghana Braids Updo
Fun updo hairstyle.

10. Curly Updo

Looking for a fun and flirty iteration of the style? You can try a curly ponytail. Ask your stylist to leave the ends of your hair out and curl it to achieve this look.

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