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The quiff hairstyle is a modern cut that features elements of the pompadour, flat-top, and even bits of the mohawk. A modern look that can work on all hair textures, the main attribute of this style is its constant upkeep as you hone in on our personal style. During a recent video from Axe (above), we learned more about how to master this look, complete with some fantastic tips on quiff definition that will have you out the door in seconds. No, really. Read on to learn more about how to rock this look and what products to use.

How to Create a Quiff Definition

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You can make the quiff with as much or as little height as you like. Photo Credit: GPC.

1. Use hair wax for quiff definition.

Wash and condition your hair as you normally would. A great product to use when getting ready to style a quiff hairstyle is the AXE Gold Wash & Style Shampoo. Wrap up your wash day with AXE Apollo 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner

Towel-dry or blow-dry your locks until they are at least 85-90% dry. On clean hair, place some wax in your hand to help build a quiff definition.

2. Rub the wax.

Rub a quarter amount of wax to the palms of your hands. Remember a little goes a very long way with this classic hair product. We recommend a medium hold pomade such as  Dove Men + Care Medium Hold Molding Paste for easy and tangible styling of your quiff hairstyle.

3. Rake it in your hair.

Get the wax and apply it to your hair.  Be sure to apply evenly throughout the top of your mane. This will assist in helping to create your perfect quiff definition shape.

4. Grab it.

Grab your hair as you work with the product while creating texture and making it your own. Keep going until you create your ideal quiff definition shape.

5. Deal with the sides.

Finally, attend to the sides of your hair, so they don’t pop out throughout the day. Then, there you go! Your quiff hairstyle is ready to go for the day of long-wear!

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