10 Soccer Hairstyles Fit for Both the Players and the Fans

Miriam Herst | 23 February 2018

We’re rooting for these footballer hairstyles that work both on the field and in the stands.

Whether you’re playing on the field, cheering from the stands or watching from your couch at home, you’re going to want to check out this collection of soccer hairstyles. Soccer hairstyles, more commonly known as footballers hairstyles in some areas of the world, are ideal for whatever level of involvement you have in the game. These footballer hairstyle favorites will stay put as you sweat through a long game or jump up from your seat when your team scores a point. Read on for a list of our fave soccer hairstyles that are fit for both the players and the fans:


10 Soccer Hairstyles to Root For


soccer hairstyles styled gelled back
Keep your hair out of your face with a stronghold gel.

1. Gelled Back

Comb your hair back and use Dove Men+Care Control Gel to make sure it stays in place throughout the entire game.

soccer hairstyles spiked up beard
Style your hair up and away from your face.

2. Spiked Up

Another way to keep your hair up and out of your face is by spiking it up.

soccer hairstyles medium length blonde curls
Grow your curls out into a medium length style.

3. Medium-Length Curls

Grow your curls out and give them an extra dose of volume by combing Nexxus Exxpand+ Volumizing Whip through them when they’re freshly washed and still damp.

soccer hairstyles long curls beanie
Wear your curls below your shoulders.

4. Wear it Long

Grow your hair out and hold it back for the game by throwing on a beanie or tying it up in a man bun.

soccer hairstyles highlighted
Lighten up your color.

5. Lighten Up

Lighten up your overall look by dyeing the tops of your strands a bright shade of blonde.

soccer hairstyles front swoop brunette
Learn how to create this classic swoop style.

6. Swooped

Use a touch of water and your favorite comb to style your hair in a classic swoop.

soccer hairstyles fade or hat
Cut your hair into a classic on-trend fade.

7. Fade

Stay classic and on-trend with a fade haircut.

soccer hairstyle fade braids
Work with your natural texture.

8. Natural Twists

Work with your natural textured and pair your twists with a classic fade.

soccer hairstyles combed back
Keep it simple for game day.

9. Combed Back

Start with fresh hair on game day and wash your strands with AXE Max Hydrate 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner for a boost of fresh hydration.

soccer hairstyles classic cut brunette
Trim your hair into a classic cut.

10. Classic Cut

Trim your hair into a classic cut that’s easy and low-maintenance as far as styling and upkeep go.




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