22 1920s Hairstyles that Bring Glamour and All That Jazz

It's official: '20s hair was the original party hair.

Whenever we think of 1920s hairstyles, an image of Prohibition-era speakeasies comes to mind: men and women glamorously decked out, all enjoying some spirited conversation, liquor, and great jazz in a dimly lit room. The now-iconic Flapper look, which features bobbed hair often embellished with a feathery accessory or two, is one of the most famous styles of this decadent, festive era—and as we’ll come to see in the roundup below, certainly not the only one of note.

From revolutionary bobs to fabulous finger waves to yes, those Flapper-year headbands, scroll on down to get a deep dive into the most recognizable looks that work well beyond Halloween.

Glamorous 1920s Hairstyles You Need In Your Repertoire

As far as 1920s hairstyles for short hair go, bobs were certainly the definitive look of the decade. Women wore their hair (and hemlines!) in shorter lengths as a statement of independence, and accessorized it in a myriad of ways: Fascinators, ribboned headbands, and bejeweled pins were superbly in vogue, as well as playing up the dazzling opulence of the Jazz Age.

From sleek bobs to finger waves, check out these 1920s-inspired hairstyles that are so chic, they can still be worn today.

1. Blunt Bob

1920s hairstyles blunt bob
Short and sassy! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Precise and razor-sharp, the blunt ear-length bob remains a classic look of 20s hair to this day. You can never go wrong with a style like this. Pair the look with a dark-dyed hair color for a sleek look that looks especially great when going into Fall and Winter seasons.

2. Platinum

platinum 1920s hairstyles
Blow hair out for maximum shine.

A bleached version of this classic style offers a bit of a modern edge to this iconic hairstyle. To keep your color looking vibrant and toned, use Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo and Conditioner.

3. Floppy Hat

1920s hairstyles floppy hat
Witchy and moody, this look is made for the brisk autumn months.

Offset the crisp silhouette of the helmet bob with a folksy, floppy topper hat. A hat like this also comes in handy when you’re not having the best hair day. If you’re looking to stay extra devoted to the 1920s style, we recommend opting for a 1920s style fedora.

4. Razored

1920s hairstyles razored
A straight-across bang is not for the faint of heart! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

There are no cutting corners with these sharp edges, which work best with a narrower jawline! This look can be achieved with a straight cut. For the most accurate precision when cutting this style, it is best to have a stylist assist in the styling of this look!

5. Super Short

super short 1920s hairstyles
A tapered back encourages that coveted curled-under style.

Part Flapper, part punk, especially with a tiny hit of a micro fringe. This super short bob is a gorgeous look if you are willing to take a bold route with your bob style. Further frame your face with a full set of bangs or half bangs.

6. Multi-Strand Pearls

multi-strand pearls 1920s hairstyles
The strings of pearls create a makeshift (and more luxe!) bonnet.

Before their renaissance on the latest runways, we first saw them during the 1920s as the gem of the decade, with women using them to adorn everything from their décolletage, via long-strand necklaces, to their hairstyles, as high-end hair accessories.

7. Curly

curly 1920s hairstyles
This charming haircut works on women of all ages. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

The bobbed length also lent itself to different textures, with the trendy zigzag finger wave being one of them. Pair this look with a visible and defined side part and baby side bangs to bring a touch of old glamour to the modern day.

8. Gelled

gelled 1920s hairstyles
Use a fine-toothed comb for a more refined finish. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Slick your waves over to one side for a minimalist yet stylish evening look. We love the control and sheen we get from Emerge Style Goals Gel. For an enhanced look, we recommend also side parting your hair with a tail comb for a more sleek and sharp look.

9. Forehead Fascinator

forehead fascinator 1920s hairstyles
Party like it’s 1920 with a good ol’ embellished headband!

Embellished headbands we usually wore above the brow, with an accent piece off to the side that mirrored the rest of your jewelry—and gave a short 1920s bob more pizzazz. This is a great way to spice up short hair, bobs, and pixie cuts.

10. Braided Headband

braided headband 1920s hairstyle
The vintage charm of the Jazz Age comes to the fore with a Flapper-inspired hairstyle.

Elastic braided bands or embellished ribbons that cut across one’s forehead were popular looks for parties and social events. For an easy yet intricate-looking updo, troll the back part of your hair into the headband until the back part is hidden. Then, use bobby pins to hold the look in place for your day and/or night!

11. Rhinestones

rhinestones 1920s hairstyles
Part hair in the middle and wear curls on the mid-lengths downwards for a fluffier look.

Rhinestones and gem-encrusted lace offered women another glitzy option. This accessory will look especially great when worn with rhinestones or a frilled dress. It’s also a great way to add some flair to a plain or solid-colored outfit.

12. Finger Waves with Low Bun

finger waves with low bun 1920s hairstyles
A fabulous hairstyle option for fall/winter weddings too. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

There were two wildly popular ways to texturize 1920s hairstyles for long hair during the Flapper years. The first was the finger waves technique, which entailed using your finger (surprise!) to mold hair in a zigzag strip down your forehead, sometimes using pins to secure it in place; the second was pin-curling, where hair was twirled around and pinned in place manually to set a curl.

Both produced solid, slightly damp-looking ringlets and bends, commonly reinforced with a bit of pomade, a widely used hair product during the time. To achieve this look, use a fishtail comb to mold the forehead fringe in a wide wave. Do the same on the opposite side and gather the back in a low bun.

13. Finger Waves with Gibson Tuck

finger waves with gibson tuck 1920s hairstyles
Part hair to one side for a more dramatic effect.

Alternatively, you may also gather the rest of your hair in a loopy bun at your nape, commonly known as a Gibson tuck. This is the perfect look for longer hair lengths that may become too difficult to tuck away and pin down at times.

14. Low-Key Finger Waves

low-key finger waves 1920s hairstyles
Use hair-colored pins for maximum camouflage. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If you want a mere hint of the trend without going overboard, use fewer pins. We like creating a small crescent moon shape from the hairline, then tucking it back in with a bobby pin. Repeat one more time before the ear.

15. Finger Waves with 1920s Ponytail

finger waves with ponytail 1920s hairstyles
With this look, a bright red lip is the only other statement you need. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

This retro wave can also be made to glam up a regular low, curly 1920s ponytail. A shiny hairspray, like Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray, keeps things gleaming and budge-free. This is the perfect look for special events where you want your look to make a mark, without having to go through the extensive effort of putting your hair in an updo.

16. Traditional Finger Waves

traditional finger waves 1920s hairstyles
This look best works on a bob or lob length.

Looking for the ultimate 20s-inspired hair look? Then the traditional finger waves look was made for you. Hair hack: A closed flat iron achieves these true-blue Roaring Twenties look in half the time. Learn more about curling short hair with a flat iron.

17. Pin-Curled Fringe

pin-curled fringe 1920s hairstyles
Tuck the elastic underneath the curled fringe. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Try curling your bang area inwards for a neo-noir take on evening hair. An inward curl instantly elevates your style so much. Tuck your hair and bobby pin it down for an elevated look that is bound to set trends in your local community.

18. Wet Look

wet look 1920s hairstyles
A pristine makeup base and a moody lip are also hallmarks of the Jazz Age. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Finger waves look both authentic and futuristic with a sharp center part and a wet finish. Think of this as a modern meets 1920s look. This style looks especially great on medium to long-length hairstyles.

19. Blown-Out Pin Curls

blown out pin curls 1920s hairstyles
Create big coils using your fingers, then pin in place to set.

For a traditional, all-American take on the pin-curl, blow-dry hair and split it into several sections. Next, use your index and middle fingers to help curl each section inward on itself, securing the inseam with pins to your scalp. Tip: This is also an effective heatless curling technique, so skip the blowdry—and prep hair with a mousse, like Dove Curl Defining Mousse instead.

20. Tight Pin Curls

tight pin curls 1920s hairstyles
Shake out and soften your curls after removal if you want them fuller-looking.

Repeat the pin-curl process, this time in smaller sections, for tighter corkscrews when unraveled. Once the pins are unraveled, lock the curls in place with hair spray, then you’ll be all set! Wear this look out a day or two longer by combing out your curls and turning this look into gorgeous and voluminous waves.

21. Netted

netted 1920s hairstyles
Knot a scarf on your crown for true vintage #tb appeal. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A glamorous way to set hair in and out of the boudoir was to cover it with a scarf or snood, as seen here. Bring this into 2021 with the use of a trendy paisley-print twilly! This look can be achieved with a variety of scarf textures such as silk, etcetera.

22. Coiled

coiled 1920s hairstyles
Brush hair to detangle before pin-coiling for a smoother look.

We’re surmising this demure, pin-coiled fringe, teamed with rows of pearls, was the ultimate 1920 debutante’s look of choice. This look is the perfect way to look simply elegant while keeping your hair out of your face.

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