4 to Use Pin Curls and Look Fabulous

Curls for days.

Pin curls are a hairstylists secret weapon. They’ve been keeping women’s hair perfectly coiled since the early 1900s and have stayed around for so long because they get the job done. Hey, it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Pin curls are also still useful today as they can create signature waves and curls without use of the heat! Read on to learn more about how you can add this technique to your hair styling repertoire as you master using pin curls.

1. Pin curls to create heatless curls.

use pin curls to achieve stunning curls
Pin curls are a secret weapon to achieving gorgeous curls.

If you could use a break from your heat styling routine, pin curls are definitely the best option for you. Simply take a one-inch strand of your hair, roll it up around two of your fingers and pin it in place. Normally, this is used as a way to set hair after it has been curled with a curling iron, but it can also be used to make heatless curls. Start by combing out any knots in your wet or damp hair. Then, apply a generous amount of Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse to help define your curls. Set your hair in pin curls and go to sleep on a silk pillowcase to keep from mussing your curls. Wake up, unpin your hair and style your gorgeous heatless curls. Need more guidance? Check out our tutorial on how to create pin curls.

2. Pin curls to create loose waves.

Starting with day-old dry hair, spritz some of the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Sea Salt Spray onto your hair. Separate your hair into two-inch sections–this will help create looser curls than smaller sections of hair. Set these large sections in pin curls, you can either dry with a blow dryer or let it air-dry. Once your hair is totally dry, separate the curls with your fingers and head to the beach with your fresh beachy waves.

3. Extend the life of your curls.

Let’s say you spent a good half hour curling your hair so it is perfect, you get the curls to last all day, but you want those same curls the next day without the fuss. Seems reasonable, right? Set your dry hair in pin curls at night to hold the shape until the next day. Simply follow the shape that your curl already makes, roll it up to the roots and pin. It’s a good idea to sleep on a silky pillowcase or with a scarf over your hair so your curls stay perfect throughout the night. The next morning, unpin your curls and set your style with some of the Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray. This formula will leave your curly hair shiny, soft and less-frizzy.

4. Style with pin curls.

Besides getting your curls, and having them last for days, pin curls can also be super stylish. You can position two large pin curls on either side of your part to get a retro victory roll look. Or you can add some flair to an updo. Instead of having the curl pinned outwards, pin a few small curls flat against your head instead to jazz up a chignon.

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