17 Side Hairstyles To Rock Any Day of The Week

A simple side switch up for endless amounts of style.

Everyone loves a classic style, but sometimes they just don’t do the trick when you really want your style to stand out. So, what’s a girl to do when she wants to create a truly iconic look? Put it to the side, of course! Something so simple as positioning your average go-to looks and creating some side hairstyles is the perfect way to level up. It’s a fresh and funky way to create a look that’s as unique and playful as you are, so go against the grain with some of our favorite side hairstyles:

17 Side Hairstyles to Switch Up Your Look

side hairstyles pigtails
Nothing beats these sweet pigtails.

1. Pigtails

Pigtails are one of our favorite side hairstyles for it’s cute and quirky look. It’s also a great style to wear at any time of the day!

side hairstyles mini side braids
These mini side braids are chic and funky.

2. Mini Side Braids

Give your style some edge with these mini side braids.

side hairstyles side ponytail
This early 2000s style is making a major comeback.

3. Side Ponytail

Remember back in the day when your favorite pop stars wore this classic look? Well, be prepared and grab your scrunchies, because it’s making a major comeback!

side hairstyles bohemian side braid
We’re getting 1960s vibes from this side braid.

4. Bohemian Side Braid

This loose, effortless style gives us total wanderlust vibes. Give your braid an extra touch of texture with Bed Head by TIGI Stick.

side hairstyles voluminous side braid
This is one of our biggest and boldest side hairstyles.

5. Voluminous Side Braid

This side braid really pumps up the volume on your side hairstyles! Give your locks extra volume by using Nexxus Exxpand+ Volumizing Whip right before styling.


side hairstyles low side braid
We’re keeping our style low with this side braid.

6. Low Side Braid

Keep your side hairstyles subtle and simple with this cute and modest low side braid.

side hairstyles dutch braids
Nothing beats a classic style.

7. Dutch Braids

These side braids are popping up all over Instagram, and for good reason. They’re so athleti-chic, and can be rocked at any moment.

side hairstyles embellished side bun
Put your favorite headpiece on to instantly upgrade your side hairstyles.

8. Embellished Side Updo

Create extra dramatic side hairstyles with your favorite hair clips and pins. Believe us; you won’t be disappointed with the results.

side hairstyles side bow
This cute and flirty style is perfect for any day.

9. Side Bow

This quirky and adorable style is perfect for any major event or party. Keep it in place all day long while taming frizz and unruly hairs with Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray.

low side bun
Keep it low with this side bun.

10. Low Side Bun

Need a style that’s as low maintenance as you are? Then this low side bun will do just the trick.

side hairstyles slicked
Slicked and to the side is how we like our updos.

11. Slicked Side Updo

Whether you’re creating a shifted side braid like above or going for a simpler side bun, slicking your sides back will create a truly polished look. Slick your sides back with TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel for the ultimate side hairstyles.

side hairstyles braided side updo
A braided side updo creates a gorgeous crown-like affect.

12. Braided Side Updo

Pinning your side braid into an updo creates a beautiful mesmerizing effect on your head.

side hairstyles tight knot bun
This subtle yet striking bun will take your style to whole new levels.

13. Tight Knot Bun

This sleek and glamorous tight knot bun is great for even the most sophisticated of events. Make sure you give your updo an added sheen by using Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum after styling.

side hairstyles top knot bun
A modern spin on a classic look.

14. Side Top Knot

Go big and bold with your hair by creating this extra-large side top knot bun. Top knots are always one of our favorite hairstyles for it’s voluminous look and classically chic style.

side hairstyles classic side bun
Easy, effortless and chic is how we like to style our side hairstyles.

15. Classic Side Bun

Nothing beats a classic style like this one, right? It’s our go-to for those days in between washes.

side hairstyles braided side bun
A side bun with a crown braid is a match made in hair heaven.

16. Braided Side Bun

A crown braid like the one above paired with a side bun creates a whimsically striking look that will get jaws dropping and heads turning instantly.

side hairstyles loose side knot bun
Let it loose for a style that’s always on point.

17. Loose Knot Bun

This loose knot gives you the best of both worlds! It’s both laid-back yet effortlessly posh, so get ready to create this Insta-worthy look.

Need more style inspiration? Then check out these captivating side bun hairstyles!

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