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These Structured Styles Will Have You Feeling Like the Boss Babe You Are

From the boardroom to the bar...these structured styles will have you feeling confident and bold.

There’s nothing quite like the click of your heels on the sidewalk and the confidence that comes with a bright lip and a perfectly tailored blazer. There’s something about the fashionable yet office-appropriate vibe of structured styles that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. No emergency project, last-minute meeting, or snarky intern can mess with the confidence of a woman who knows she’s boss. That’s why we’re making a case for structured styles today. Pairing a sleek structured style with a fashion-forward blazer is truly the secret to feeling like there’s nothing you can’t do.

Structured Styles: Confidence in a Style

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A sleek finish is key for a structured style. Photo credit:

Structured styles are the bread and butter of the working woman’s wardrobe. Funky patterned blazers show off your personality while also giving you that boardroom-ready feel. The secret to creating a hairstyle that matches the structure of your outfit is all in the hair products. That’s why this style combination can truly be considered confidence in a bottle.

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Pull your curls back into a tight ponytail. Photo credit:

The truth is, a hairstyle is only as strong as the hair gel you use to create it. TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel is our go-to for structured styles like these. Grab a dime-sized amount of hair gel and comb it through the top layer of your hair. Use a comb to guide your hair towards the back of your head and then secure your strands with a hair tie. Opt for whatever style best suits your current look – a knot for a super sleek look or a ponytail for some more movement.

Give your look some extra insurance with a mist of strong hairspray. Try TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray for maximum hold!

Grab your favorite blazer and bright red lipstick, and prepare to take on the day!

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