Black Ombre Hair: How to Pull Off Ombre On Dark Hair

Here are 10 ways to pull off ombre on black hair.

Thanks to creative hair stylists and color experts everywhere, there are almost no hair color trends or styles that are off-limits anymore. Previously, women with darker hair colors often had a harder time lightening their strands to the blonde hues and icy colors of their dreams. And a striking style like black ombre hair wasn’t even an option for them. But with the techniques and products available to us now, black ombre hair styles (and other color trends) are easier to achieve and maintain.

Read on to learn how to pull off ombre on dark hair and check out 10 styles that will inspire your new look. Read on:

1. The Softest Ombre

black ombre hair straight ponytail soft ombre
Consider an ombre for black hair with a super soft and smooth transition.

Ombre styles aren’t always all about high contrasting colors and stark contrasts. This soft ombre look helps you move easily from dark roots to lighter ends with a super smooth transition in between.

2. An Uncomplicated Braid

black ombre hair pulled apart braid
Fake it till you make it with this black hair with ombre style.

This braid appears to be much more complicated than it actually is. Create a regular French braid, and then pull the loops out to create this intricate looking style.

3. Naturally Curly Color

black ombre hair naturally curly
This ombre hair on black hair look celebrates your naturally curly hair.

Highlight your naturally curly hair with a bold dose of ombre hair color. Swap out your usual shampoo and conditioner for TRESemmé Flawless Curls Shampoo and TRESemmé Flawless Curls Conditioner for curls that are extra hydrated and bouncy.

4. The Original Messy Bun

black ombre hair messy bun
Throw it up into an easy style.

The original messy bun will never go out of style because it’s easy, chic, and gives you the trendy and very literal ‘I woke up like this’ look.

5. Long and Loose

black ombre hair long loose waves
Wear your curls long and loose to show off your ombre black hair.

Wear your black ombre style long and loose in easy curling wand curls. Finish them off with a mist of Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray to keep them in place.

6. Icy Blonde Curls

black ombre hair icy blonde curls
Give your black ombre a high contrast icy blonde color.

Split up your hair coloring sessions into a few different appointments in order to do as little damage as possible on your strands. It will take a couple of rounds of bleach to get your hair from black to icy blonde and by spreading out the doses of bleach, you’ll preserve some of the integrity of your strands.

7. A Fancier Angle

black ombre hair half up curled style
You can style your black hair ombre tresses in a fancier style.

If you want to see what kinds of tricks your new ‘do can do and all the occasions you can style it for, take one look at this fancy half-up style and head straight to your colorist. This beautiful half-up updo shows off your color and your length in one breathtaking style.

8. Fallen Curls

black ombre hair fallen curls
Let your curls fall out.

Curl your hair, skip the products, and let your ringlets fall out into loose and easy texture.

9. A Brunette Ombre

black ombre hair brown ombre bob
Keep the color damage to a minimum.

Another way to keep the damage to a minimum and maintain the integrity of your strands is to opt for a brunette ombre verses a blonde color. By only lightening your hair a few levels you’ll achieve a beautiful brunette color on the bottom and preserve your base black color at the roots.

10. Play with Color

black ombre hair blue and purple
Incorporate blue and purple into your look.

Play with a number of colors and wear your black ombre hair with a rainbow of shades of purple and blue. We love this trendy and fun take on a classic ombre style.