Red Tones are Trending for 2021 and We’ve Rounded Up the Must-Try Shades

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2021 is seeing many new hair colors rise to popularity, and one we’re most excited about is red hair trends. These red tones go beyond just the traditional bright red and orange–they’ve got tons of depth and land all over the spectrum of warm tones. We’ve gathered some of the top tones that we’ve seen already trending this year to get you inspired to switch up your color.

While red can be an intimidating color, all of these red hair trends are wearable and only make the good kind of bold statements!

1. Auburn Hair

red hair trends auburn
Mix brown with red for an auburn finish. Photo credit: Zohre Nemati

This warm brown and red fusion of color is super trendy this year. It’s a great color to go for if you don’t want an obviously red hair color. This red hair trend relies on creating a warm brown that will glimmer hints of red when the sun hits it just right.

2. Muted Clementine

red hair trends cinnamon
Red with some light orange makes for a clementine-y finish. Photo credit: Jackson David

This shade of orangey-red is so unique and beautiful. Maintain a color this delicate yet bold with a color safe wash duo.

SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for color protection and strengthening strands. This lighter color will require some bleaching, so a duo this repairing and protecting is great to add to your wash routine.

3. Rusty Red

red hair trends rusty
Add a tiny bit of red to brown to get this rusty shade of red. Photo credit: Jennifer Marquez

Rusty red is definitely one of the more subtler shades of red trending. It’s an even balance of red and brown tones, creating more of a rich, “suggestion” of red hair.

4. Shades of Copper

red hair tones shades of copper
Copper is a definite color trend this year. Photo credit: Jose Martinez

Try out some shades of copper if you’re looking for something on the brighter side off the red scale. We love how shiny this color can be and how many different shades are used to create bright and sunny look.

Give your color the extra boost of vibrancy it needs with TRESemmé Gloss Clear High Shine Deep Conditioner. This conditioner will help revive your copper color and add in a high shine that will bring your look to the next level.

5. Warm Toned Blend

red hair trends warm toned blend
Can’t decide on one warm tone? Blend them all together! Photo credit: Marek Mucha

With so many red hair trends popping up, it can be hard to choose just one! If you’re the kind of girl who loves sporting more than one bold color at once, we highly recommend adding a few warm tones to your look. Some reds, light browns, and blonde will create the perfect blend of warm tones. This look is definitely bold, but still very wearable.

6. Cinnamon Brown

red hair trends cinnamon brown
We love how much depth there is to a cinnamon brown color. Photo credit: Daniel Bounliane

Another perfect red shade for those wanting a more subtle color is cinnamon brown. This style requires only lightly sprinkling some cinnamon-y red into a warm brown color. We love how this color looks as a highlight on naturally curly strands.

7. Red, Red, Wine

red hair trends red wine
A deep red shade is great for a those wanting a darker color. Photo credit: Tengyart

Looking to extra deep with your red tones? A dark red looks great as a standalone color, but it also works perfectly as an ombre to a very dark brown shade. This shade is very sultry and not for the faint of heart–perfect for anyone trying to add some high-class drama to their look.

8. Ginger

red hair trends ginger
Ginger hair will always be a classic. Photo credit: Dmitriy Nushtaev

Who can say no to a classic ginger color? You can tone this bright color down by mixing it with some paler brown shades–but ginger will always be a statement. While this shade looks great on everyone, it particularly favors very pale skin tones, offering some warmth and pop to a look.

9. Cayenne

red hair trends cayenne
Cayenne is so unique, definitely a must-try. Photo credit: Justin Essah

How beautiful is this muted-red cayenne color? This color flirts between red and orange, in the best way. More wearable yet unique colors like cayenne are definitely hitting the streets, they’re the perfect blend of “natural” and “bright.”

10. Red with Blonde Highlights

red hair trends red with blonde highlights
Create some more pop with blonde highlights. Photo credit: Charles Postiaux

Anyone looking to change up their highlight game needs to try out a red and blonde highlight style. These warm colors go together perfectly and help bring out warmth in any skin tone.

Keep your color and style fresh with a few spritzes of Suave Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about red hair trends for 2021. These colors go beyond just the solid standard reds we’re used to–they’re muted, blended, bright, soft and deep, going way beyond hair colors we’ve seen in the past.

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