Street Style Roundup: Top NYFW Trends

Which trend will you be trying out?

It’s no surprise that many trends pop up on the streets throughout Fashion Meek. Whether it’s a unique updo or new hair accessory, you can find so much inspiration during this super-edgy, trend-forward time of the year. We’ve gathered some of the top trends we spotted from NYFW to create a street style roundup. Keep scrolling to see what trends we loved and which ones we can’t wait to try out!

1. Hair Clips for Street Style Roundup

Hair clips
Add subtle touches or make a statement with hair clips! Photo courtesy of Arianna Sharfman.

Hair clips are back and bigger than ever this season! From thin pearl clips to chunky rhinestone versions, there’s no particular style that’s more popular than another. So mix things up and try any variation you like!

2. Vibrant Hues for Street Style Roundup

bright blue hair
Go bold with a vibrant hue! Photo courtesy of Arianna Sharfman.

From bright electric blue to fire engine red, many bold colors were spotted throughout our street style roundup. If you opt for a vibrant hue, use a color-safe shampoo like Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo and Conditioner. We love this shampoo and conditioner set because it keeps your hair moisturized while ensuring your color stays vibrant.

3. Snatched Ponytail

snatched ponytail
This style is sure to last the entire day. Photo courtesy of Craig Alexander.

Your favorite influencers and celebrities are constantly sporting this ultra-high pony, so why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? Plus, a tight pony like this will seriously give you the most snatched look ever. To achieve this super sleek pony, slick back all of your hair with Emerge Style Goals Gel. This gel has been one of our favorites because it gives you a medium hold and offers frizz control thanks to the almond milk, pequi oil and shea butter-infused formula. This gel won’t leave your hair feeling stiff or crunchy, and is especially great for ladies with curly hair.

4. Hair Chains

hair chain
Hair chains can dress up literally and look. Photo courtesy of Craig Alexander.

Hair chains are a great way to make a statement even while wearing the most basic hairstyles around. This accessory was too catchy not to make our street style roundup. Plus, it will instantly take your look to the next level!

5. Wavy Lobs

wavy lob
This style isn’t going anywhere yet. Photo courtesy of Craig Alexander

We have to admit, this style isn’t exactly brand new, but it’s a classic staple that isn’t going away anytime soon. So many people sported this lob length with effortless waves throughout. To achieve this style, curl sections of hair away from your face and once they’re cooled gently brush out the curl to create a wavy beach texture. Make sure to set your style with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Level 2 Hold Curl hair Spray. This hair spray is a go-to because it’ll hold your style all day without making your hair feel crunchy or stiff.

6. Layered Pixie Cuts

woman with layered pixie cut
Photo courtesy of Arianna Sharfman

If you want a hairstyle that’s easy to take care of, it turns out a lot of people during our street style roundup were thinking the same thing! Opt for a layered pixie cut for a look that’s mature, but still playful all at the same time.

7. Sleek Low Ponytail

Woman with Low Ponytail.
Photo courtesy of Arianna Sharfman

It’s not very often that completely opposite styles are both on-trend at the same time. However, the streets of NYFW were flooded with people showing off sleek low ponytails. Just like a snatched pony, this look can be achieved by creating either a strong side or middle part and then using a gel to get that super smooth look.

8. Padded Headbands

padded headbands
Can we all agree this is probably the comfiest hair accessory around? Photo courtesy of Craig Alexander.

Headbands were seen all over, but one style in particular that we saw the most was the padded variation. These styles can be worn with your hair down, half-up or even in a ponytail!

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