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What Are the Popular Hairstyles In YOUR State?

Spoiler: We all like styling around the weather.

It’s always fun to surmise how other gals across the U.S. skew on the style spectrum. This big, beautiful country means we have a whole lot of weather variance, not to mention localized tastes and trends—all which make for a pretty interesting study on what the popular hairstyles are in other cities.

Just as how those who live in humid Southern states have a whole different worldview on hair as those in, say, dry, arid Cali, or how the needs of women in the Windy City are worlds apart from us here in muggy Manhattan, hairstyles (and hair care) are very personal things. Read on to see what we think are the top-of-mind trends for the top five hometowns of our All Things Hair audiences:

United Hairstyles of America: Popular Hairstyles From Our Readers’ States

popular hairstyles volumized curls
Glamorous, properly-coiffed curls hold their own in the South. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Texas: Volumized Curls

You know how they say everything is bigger in Texas? Well, it looks like the saying holds true in this massive Southwestern state, as we can definitely see popular hairstyles such as big curls and all volume everything staying in the communal lexicon. The mostly dry weather in this part of the country certainly helps give ladies of the Lone Star State the staying power their hairstyles need. Puffy ponytails and pageant-worthy curls easily find a home with the well-coiffed populace.

popular hairstyles cali lob
The messy, shaggy lob became a huge hit in the West Coast. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. California: Messy Lob

One need only to tune in to your favorite reality show, or to the social media account of the hot L.A. blogger du jour to see that last year’s jagged, messy lob isn’t going anywhere. Chalk it up to being on the literal forefront of Hollywood trends and insiders—these West Coasters have laid-back cool down to a science, and their tousled-on-purpose lobs are proof. Folks here love versatility—lifestyle trends are big on day-to-night glam—and a hairstyle that helps get them places without much fuss is key.

popular hairstyles slicked back pink bob
Experimental color and styling (like the wet look) find a home in NYC. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. New York: Cutting-Edge Color

A bustling, cosmopolitan hub such as New York City benefits from being a melting pot of influences, with a huge chunk being of the directional variety (thanks, Fashion Week!). New Yorkers are a confident, outspoken bunch who also need a no-nonsense, high-quality hairstyle that can survive both their mercurial tastes and whatever the Eastern winds bring their way. Enter high-fashion ombrés, balayage and color mashups, which all help express their individuality while keeping their lengths at a safe—and wind-proof—level.

popular hairstyles braided updo
Wispy braided looks do well in humid, beachy locations. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

4. Florida: Beachy and Braided

Beach bunnies and all others accosted by the high humidity index down South can depend on popular hairstyles such as braids and salty waves to keep them on-trend. Frizz is one of the biggest deterrents to acing their fave looks, so we can see a style that respects their natural texture, while being considerably low-maintenance and hot-weather appropriate—being a priority.

popular hairstyles illinois sleek blowouts
Immaculately blown-out looks are a coveted hairstyle in weather-worn cities. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Illinois: Sleek Blowout Hair

In a perfect world, the clouds would part and the sun would shine every time we step out of the house; however, there are dreams, and there are places like the Windy City. Bobs and layers, although well-requested in these areas, come shy of popular hairstyles such as long, smooth hairstyles and updos, which can hold their own amidst the blusteriest of days. Sleek, polished ponytails and half-updos, as well as professional-looking blown-out hairdos, would be coveted looks.

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