Switch Up Your Ponytail with a Fun Hair Wrap

A cute way to switch up your updo!

Step up your ponytail game by adding a fun hair wrap! This look is so simple to create and it adds tons of drama and flair. If you’ve been looking for a simple way to switch up your everyday looks then this is one you need to try. We’ll take you through every step and give you some fire product recommendations to make this ponytail hair wrap style your new fave go-to look. Keep reading:

How to Create a Ponytail Hair Wrap


Create a smooth ponytail.

Before the fun can begin, you need to create a super smooth ponytail. You don’t want any pieces of hair or flyaways to poke out of your ponytail hair wrap, so prep is key. Create a low ponytail and then apply some Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel to your ponytail and a little to any frizz at the root. This will give you a sleek hold that’s strong but lightweight as well.


Secure scarf to ponytail.

It’s time to bring in the scarf! Start at the top of your ponytail and tie your scarf around your ponytail. Make sure you make the knot at one end of the scarf, to make the wrapping part as easy as possible.


Wrap scarf.

Tightly wrap the scarf around your ponytail until you get to the end. If your hair is longer than the scarf, try widening your wrap to let some hair peek out so that you can get the scarf as far down your ponytail as possible.


Secure with bobby pins.

Use bobby pins to secure the ends of the scarf to your ponytail.


Finish with hairspray.

Make sure the top of your hairstyle stays sleek and smooth with some hairspray. We highly recommend using TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Boost Hold Level 3, it’s got a flexible, natural hold and will keep you frizz free!

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