Street Style Hair Trend: The Off-Center Hair Part

Alyssa François | 21 July 2017

The easy hair trend you can master in no time!

During the summer, we all just want an easy-breezy season filled with good times and great hair that doesn’t take up too much of our time. Last summer, it was all about messy yet structured hair that we saw via the ever-popular mussed-up beach waves to the straight up undone hair. This year, we noticed that women are putting a little bit more effort into their look, but instead of focusing too much on precision or neatness, they’re settling for what looks natural. Enter, the ultimate in easy styles with the off-center hair part a.k.a the street style trend that almost every girl is embracing.

Street Style Beauty Trend of The Moment: Off-Center Hair Part

While the middle part will forever remain a classic in our book, it’s time for the off-center part to get its very own season of fame. Women have been parting their hair like this for years, and for most of them, this is how their hair naturally falls when styling. The off-center hair parting is said to be one of the best ways a women with a square face shape can part her hair because it breaks up the symmetry of the face, adding depth; however, we feel it’s a style that every women can effortlessly wear.

To achieve the look, it really doesn’t require much effort at all (yes!), which is why we love it for the summer season. All you have to do is create a part anywhere on the left or right side of your hair, as long as it’s not in the dead middle of your forehead, and go about your day! How’s that for an easy-breezy summer look?

off-center part accent braid
Pair your off-center hair part off with a fun accent braid. Photo credit:
off-center part blonde
Go for the true undone look with the off-center part and mussed up hair. Photo credit:
off-center part fine hair
Opt for a sexy, sleek, and straight look with this trendy hair part. Photo credit:
off-center part wet wavy
The perfect summer look. Try this wet and wavy style on a hot summer day but make it imperfect with an off-center part. Photo credit:

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