Cold Brew Hair is the Coolest Hair-Color Trend

This coffee-inspired hair trend is the next best thing.

I was late to get on the cold brew bandwagon as I didn’t understand the beauty and benefits behind this hipster-obsessed coffee trend. Less acidic than your regular iced coffee and easier to make at home, cold brew has saved me from the overpriced five-dollar latte on many mornings. It also sealed the deal on my status as a coffee addict. Once you go cold brew, you can’t go back. So imagine my excitement when I saw the latest hair-color trend this season: cold brew hair. Yes, please!

Inspired by the slow blend of white milk and dark brew of your morning coffee, cold brew hair color is a cascade of light highlights that mix with a dark brown base color. Cold brew hair mimics that slow milky infusion that occurs before your coffee is fully mixed. This color trend is a nod to that artistic moment cold brew lovers enjoy every single morning. How else can you describe that moment when your milk swirls into your coffee and your caffeine fix is so close that you can taste it? Read on:

Cold Brew Hair Color

cold brew hair iced coffee
Coffee-inspired hair? Yes, please.

All it takes is a brief conversation with a hair colorist to understand that they’re nothing short of scientists when it comes to the art of coloring hair. Trained to blend colors that flatter your features while incorporating the latest innovations in the hair coloring world, they’ll know the latest on the cold brew hair trend and guide you towards a color combination that flatters you. They’ll take care of the color, but the aftercare depends on you.

cold brew hair brunette blonde highlights
There are endless iterations of this trend.

Invest in a color-conscious shampoo and conditioner system that will keep your colors vibrant and fresh-looking long after you leave the salon. We suggest SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner as a duo that will work to keep your color vibrant and your strands smooth. (Smooth like a fresh cup of cold brew, am I right? I may have a problem.)

Color care is nothing to laugh at and you may need to take your hair care routine up a notch. Try including a hair mask geared towards hair that’s been colored treated. We love Suave Hydrating Coconut Conditioning Mask. This hair mask combines coconut, and rock salt smoothes the hair cuticle. It also keeps your color as fresh as it is the day you leave the salon.

We love a new hair color trend, especially one that combines two of our favorite things. Coffee, anyone?

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