We’re Celebrating National Hair Day with Our Fave Products and Styles

Thankful for the products that make everyday a good hair day!

October 1st is officially National Hair Day! Here at All Things Hair, we like to celebrate the day by recognizing which products we simply couldn’t live without and the amazing hairstyles they help us achieve. We see a lot of trends come and go but one thing stays the same, the types of products needed to create them. We thought we’d help you find your next holy grail item or hairstyle in this mini National Hair Day roundup of our top 4 must-have products for styling. Enjoy the day and try some of these styles for your next everyday look or fun event!

national hair day roundup hair gel
Accentuate your baby hairs with some hair gel! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Hair Gel

When it comes to creating a slick and dramatic look or taming frizz and baby hairs, we look to hair gel. This product is great for a slicked back wet style and for mastering the perfectly sleek ponytail or bun. Our current fave look that requires the help of hair gel is the low pony or bun with an emphasis on sexy baby hairs. Use TRESemmé Mega Firm Control Gel throughout your style for a sleek finish. Grab some of your baby strands and run some gel through them, too. This look is all about framing your face with some wispy strands so have fun with it!

national hair day roundup hairspray
Fabulous curls brought to you by hairspray. Photo Credit: Indigitalimages.com


Hairspray is an obvious MVP of many different styles. Many a look would suffer after styling without the help of a hairspray to keep it in place. Hairspray also helps add body and texture to strands and some even provide shine. The classic hairstyle to use hairspray with: luscious curls. It’s important to use a hairspray to maintain the shape and hold of each curl you create. We love TRESEemmé Total Volume Hair Spray for a firm yet flexible finish.

national hair day roundup dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is a style lifesaver!

Dry Shampoo

For many, dry shampoo is the ultimate holy grail product. Dry shampoo serves so many purposes, the most important is that it can revive your hair and give it a fresh wash and blow-dry finish without you needing to step into the shower. You can also use dry shampoo to create body during a blowout or to create a fun and textured finish. Second-day curled hair is a great style to use dry shampoo on. Adding Dove Refresh+Care Fresh Coconut Dry Shampoo to relaxed curls will give them a wavy and textured look with loads of volume. Plus, you’ll smell like fresh flowers.

national hair day roundup curls
Celebrate your curls with a mousse. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Curl Defining Mousse

Last, but not least, is curl defining mousse. We are obsessed with natural curls and enhancing that bounce and beautiful shape to create volume and a confident style. What’s great about mousse is that it doesn’t require hot tools or lots of styling, you simply put the product into damp or dry hair and then you’re set! Doves Curls Defining Mousse adds definition to your curls and leaves your strands soft, not crunchy and weighed down.

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