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Prep Your Strands for Colder Weather with this Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

Keep your hair hydrated, even in the cold, dry months.

As the colder months approached, I always dreaded what I thought was inevitable: dry and static-y hair. I know that when the temperature drops, I go back to blow-drying and styling my hair more frequently since air-drying isn’t an option, and I know many other women do this too. This year, I’ve decided that I’m going to combat this issue of dry and icky hair with cold weather hair care.

I went on the hunt for the perfect shampoo and conditioner duo that would keep my hair healthy and highly moisturized. After some trial and error, I can happily report that I have found the duo I will be using all fall and winter long! Keep reading to see which products I am loving and learn why you should give them a try:

This Cold Weather Hair Care Duo Keeps Your Locks Hydrated

While I was hunting for my new cold weather hair care, I knew that I wanted it to be affordable and convenient, so I went to my local drugstore. As I walked down the hair care aisle, the Dove Nutritive Solutions line immediately caught my attention. The bottles used buzz words like “replenish,” “nourish,” and “beautifully soft and smooth.” There was an array of options based on hair type and need, which led me to my decision: the coconut & hydration for normal to dry hair.

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This hair care duo is refreshing and moisturizing!

Dove Nutritive Solutions Coconut & Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner contain a nutritive serum that adds essential moisture back into your dry strands. If that alone wasn’t enough, it also smells like coconut and sweet lime, making your shower feel like a luxurious experience!

Why I love this duo for fall and winter

Not only was it important to me that this cold weather hair care system kept my hair moisturized, but it I wanted to feel and see that softness after styling my hair. Once it’s cold outside, you bet I’m going to be blowdrying my hair often, so I don’t want it to feel dry and burnt all season. When I first used the coconut & hydration duo and then styled my hair, I was beyond satisfied. My hair looked shiny and felt incredibly soft and smooth.

If you’re someone who struggles with keeping your hair soft and hydrated, especially in colder months, then you need to give this combo a try. The end result is hydrated hair that isn’t weighed down despite retaining a lot of moisture. I love how easy it is now to style my hair and know it’ll look soft and beautiful. Bring on those brrr months!

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