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All Things Hair Editors Weigh In On National Hair Day

Our thoughts on National Hair Day.

As National Hair Day approaches and the All Things Hair office buzzes with the excitement of a national holiday dedicated to our favorite topic, we’ve been chatting about each of our individual relationships to our hair. Some of us have struggled with embracing our natural textures while others have always loved our strands. As National Hair Day approaches, the All Things Hair editors weigh in on their thoughts below:

Our Editors Chat About National Hair Day

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Each of our relationships to our hair is different and each has changed over the years.

Eunice Lucero, Editor In Chief

“I grew up with stick straight hair and I didn’t really have many issues with manageability. Now though it’s more of experimenting with different textures and lengths—how I can realistically have fun with variety, but also remember that I don’t have a professional stylist on the ready. I need a style and routine that is fashionable, for sure, but one that’s also sustainable.”

Alyssa Francois, Associate Beauty Editor

“I’ve always had an obsession with my hair after growing up spending my weekends in a salon owned by my godmother. My mother would help her out on the weekends and take me with her. That’s where I learned everything about taking care of my hair. After transitioning from relaxed to natural over 5 years ago, I’ve had such a deeper connection with my hair. I love the versatility of natural hair.”

Miriam Herst, Assistant Editor

“My hair has always been an important part of my persona and a big part of how I express myself creatively. As a kid I was always teaching myself how to create new and intricate braids and would easily get distracted during class by learning how to create the latest style I’d found. In recent years, my hair has held just as much importance as I’ve streamlined my hair care routine for the healthiest and strongest hair I’ve ever had.”

Marisa Haber, Junior Beauty Writer

“When I was younger I was not kind to my hair. I used heat on it every day and didn’t know the importance of heat protectant and overwashed my strands! My hair was dry, damaged and sad. Now that I am older and oh-so-wiser, I have learned the importance of heat protectant, blow dry spray and have a wonderful relationship with my holy grail item: dry shampoo. I’m so glad I put the effort into caring for my strands now because they are the healthiest they’ve ever been.”

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