The High-Fashion Hairstyles Scoop from Rodarte’s Exhibition

These wigs are to die for.

Through February 10, 2019, clad in Rodarte’s costume designs from Black Swan, you’ll find mannequins on display with intricate and romantic hairstyles created by TRESemmé’s lead stylist, Odile Gilbert at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. TRESemmé and Rodarte have joined forces together to showcase their Spring ’19 collection during NYFW. Rodarte and TRESemmé have decided to come together to bring the brand’s fresh look and feel to life during their first-ever exhibition by creating romantic, high-fashion hairstyles.

Read on for a glimpse of the hairstyles from the exhibit, and get the lowdown behind the high-fashion hairstyles looks created by Odile Gilbert:

High-Fashion Hairstyles Scoop from Rodarte’s Exhibiton

high fashion hairstyles: twisted bangs style
This dreamy look serves as inspo for formal occasions, too.

The exhibit showcases highlight selections from Rodarte’s most pivotal collections. With lots of floral details found on the looks, it’s clear that Rodarte’s Spring 2019 runway show served as the inspiration for the exhibit. According to Odile, “After our show in September, I sat with the Rodarte sisters and we carefully sifted through all 80 wigs to figure out which we should match with each of their looks. Since the exhibition celebrates their range of styles, I needed to ensure the wigs and floral pieces had the appropriate textures and colors to complement the wardrobe for each mannequin. We used a bit of TRESemmé Volumizing Dry Shampoo to give the wigs shape, and then finished with TRESemmé TRES Two Hairspray—more than usual, since we had to make the hair last through February!”

high fashion hairstyles: hair accessories
Make a hair statement with accessories and TRESemmé products.

What’s even more fascinating about this all, is the staying power of the hairstyles due to the products used. That’s proof that you can try to recreate these looks on your own and expect to have a long-lasting hairstyle. If you’re looking for high fashion hairstyles, holiday hairstyles ideas or for a special occasion, use this exhibit as inspiration.

high fashion hairstyles: floral
Pile on the flowers.

Experience this enchanting exhibit for yourself at the National Museum of Women in The Arts.

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