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One of Our Fave Beauty Brands is Officially Cruelty-Free

Cruelty free and proud!

In an industry where so many hair care brands choose to use animal testing for their products, we at All Things Hair are ecstatic to work with brands that opt to be cruelty-free and find alternative routes to testing their hair care.

Just because a product is affordable doesn’t mean that the company won’t put the time in to make sure they’re creating the best products in the safest ways possible. We are beyond excited that everyone’s favorite family-friendly hair solution, Dove, has officially become cruelty-free! Dove has been one of our go-to Holy Grail brands and now we can say for certain that they are a part of the push to end animal testing. Go leaping bunny!

Dove is Officially Cruelty-Free!

Despite just now being certified as cruelty-free, Dove has actually been making non-animal testing a priority for 30 years. What makes this switch official is that they are certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). This certification is no joke, as PETA adheres to strict standards and don’t hand out their seal of approval unless a brand is 100 percent committed to not testing on animals. Dove definitely proved their commitment when they created a policy this past year that prohibits any internal approval for animal tests, anywhere in the world! How’s that for putting a different kind of care back into hair care?

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Now you can shower with peace of mind.

Now that Dove is accredited by PETA, you can expect to see the official PETA cruelty-free logo appearing on all hair products in 2019. As a brand that prides itself on caring about real beauty,  they’ve proven now that real beauty is and can be created without harming our furry friends. So get excited and celebrate the fact that you can now use all Dove hair care without a single doubt in your mind that they’re not testing on any cute critters.

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