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Travel Size Hair Care: The Products You Need to Pack for the Holidays

Pack these must-haves before you jet off for the holidays. 

Every year when the holidays roll around and it’s time to start packing for the requisite weekends home with the family and quick getaways in an effort to use up the last of my vacation days, I start to get a little stressed. Making sure I remember to pack enough warm sweaters for frigid Chicago temperatures and wondering if airport security will confiscate my must-have hair products are enough to make me crazy.

That’s why I’ve started stocking up on travel size hair care. I leave these essentials in my suitcase year round so that my hair is one less thing I have to worry about while packing during the hectic holiday season. Check out my must-have travel size hair care essentials:

Travel Size Hair Care

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Pack these essentials for a vacation of great hair days.

Maybe I’ve become a bit of a hair care snob but generic hotel shampoo and conditioner are one of my worst beauty-related nightmares. Without fail, my hair always feels like it’s crying for help after I use one of these duos.

For that reason, I always make sure to carry TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner with me when I travel. This formula goes heavy on the moisture and works for any climate or kind of weather I’ll encounter.


You can find this duo in the travel section of your drugstore and because they work for every hair type, there’s a good chance your travel buddy will steal some, too. That’s why I suggest doubling up and buying (at least) two of each.

Without fail, every time I’m home for the holidays I get into full-on vacation mode and only have enough energy to sleep, read and catch up on cheesy Christmas movies. That means that washing my hair sometimes moves to the back burner. So if I’m not using the aforementioned TRESemmé duo, you can bet I’m spraying my hair with Dove Refresh + Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo.

I like to spritz my roots with this dry shampoo at night and then sleep with my hair in a messy bun on top of my head. The dry shampoo works overnight to absorb existing and new oils and I swear I wake up with hair that looks like it’s just been blown out.

With these travel size hair care essentials in tow, I’m guaranteed to have a vacation of good hair days. Could I ask for more?

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