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The Essential Products You Need for Your Hair Underneath Your Head Covering

Keep your hair happy and keep covering proudly.

Many religious women all over the world wear a head covering as a form of modesty. In many religions, hair is considered to be a sacred and sensual part of the body. Choosing to wear a head covering is an acknowledgement of that modesty. Wearing a hijab, headscarf, wig, or burka is a beautiful and often empowering custom but it can also be challenging. Choosing to cover one’s hair can sometimes feel like a sacrifice and it can also be physically uncomfortable.

While it may seem like hair moves down on the list of beauty priorities after starting to cover it, oftentimes quite the opposite is true. Caring for your hair underneath a head covering means adjusting to a whole different experience. These essential products can help:

Caring for Your Hair Under Your Head Covering

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Wear your head covering proudly while taking care of your strands underneath.

Pay attention to keeping your scalp healthy.

Keeping your scalp healthy underneath your head covering is of utmost importance. A formula that is specifically created with your scalp in mind is ideal. We suggest using Dove Dermacare Scalp Soothing Moisture Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner as it’s specifically formulated with your scalp in mid. Take care to really massage the product in to give your hair some movement and a little bit of breathing room.

It can be tempting to pull off your wig or scarf as soon as you walk in the door after a long day. If you’re comfortable with that, it’s beneficial to give your hair and head a break. Some women uphold a high standard of modesty even at home, though. If you’re more comfortable keeping your hair covered, give yourself some extra time in the shower when going through your wash and care routine. This will allow your hair that breathing time.

Don’t overload your hair with product.

As far as hair product goes, we recommend keeping your routine minimal underneath your head covering. Too much product can get greasy very quickly and you may find your scalp feeling itchy from all that matted-down product. We do suggest using a hair oil, like Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil, on the ends of your hair while avoiding your roots. This oil and its placement will work to nourish your hair while it’s covered. That means that you can uncover silky soft strands at the end of each day.

No matter how you choose to cover your hair and to what degree, know that you’re upholding many years and generations of tradition. There’s so much beauty and pride in this custom and your commitment to your modesty is inspiring. Making sure to take care of your strands will only enhance the beauty of this oftentimes challenging commitment. We couldn’t be more supportive of a routine that allows you to feel beautiful—with or without your head covering.

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