Spring Showers: Seasons Change and So Should Your Shower Routine

Change your routine with the seasons.

With every season comes a unique set of hair care challenges and setbacks. We are by no means complaining about the warmer weather but we are already prepping our shower routine to withstand the challenges that we will face in the coming months. That winter hair hangover is no joke! Coming off a season of dry and sometimes brittle strands means our hair is in need of some extra TLC. Here at All Things Hair, we are prioritizing our hair as the seasons change. We are giving our tresses some love in the form of moisture and making sure to protect against any future damage.

We’re upgrading our shower routines with these essential products in order to meet our spring hair care goals:

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Your hair care routine in the shower is an essential part of maintaining healthy hair.

An effective shower routine begins with the right shampoo and conditioner. While many women grab the first duo they see at the drugstore, there is some benefit to being a bit more selective with your wash and care system. Opting for a moisturizing system during the spring months will repair any winter damage and set your hair up for a successful summer. TIGI Copyright Custom Care Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner are some of our favorite products for moisture. The formula literally sparkles as it breathes new life into dried-out strands. We consider this shampoo and conditioner a must-have for spring!

As soon as you get out of the shower, we suggest spraying your hair with a heat protection spray in order to prepare it for heat styling. Winter is officially over and that means we are all ready to let our hair down. We’ll be experimenting with hot tools, trying out different hair accessories, and having fun with our hair this season. That means we are also prepping our strands with Dove Style + Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray. This product will ensure that our hair stays protected when we use our hot tools. It will also give our strands an added dose of shine!

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