Cop these Summer Hair Accessories to Freshen Up Your Everyday Style

Beat the heat with some of our favorite summer hair accessories.

Looking for summer hair accessories to help you beat the heat? While we love showcasing the latest hair colors and styles, the reality is the sun can be pretty brutal where we can all use some refuge to get our hair off our neck and out of our eyes. Plus, a stylish look with the help of some cool hair accessories is definitely something that can help you to define your look over the summer.

From summer hats to headbands and everything in between, check out some of our favorite summer hair accessories that we think you’ll love this summer:

Summer Hair Accessories to Spice Up Your Look

1. Ribbons

summer hair accessories ribbons
Braid a scarf into your hair!

Not just for little girls, ribbons are a great way to add some flare to your long or medium-length hair. Experiment with a variety of colors and sizes that you can place in a ponytail or weaved through your hair as you create some really cool braids this summer.

2. Accent Flowers

summer hair accessories pinned flower
Pin some flowers to create a romantic look.

Up your romantic hair game than summer with some accent flowers. Go for a single flower or multiple as you adorn them in your chic updo, on the side of your face, or as a modern way to accessorize your bun. The perfect sunny weather goes hand-in-hand with the romantic look.

3. Jeweled-Up hair

summer hair accessories jewels
You can never have too much bling.

Hair jewelry comes in many different forms. We’ve seen them as jeweled bobby pins, a flexible bracelet that adds some flair to your bun, or cool clips that you can adorn throughout your hair. Not only a great way to beat the summer heat, but you can also use them for formal occasions, weddings, and more. Control frizz and make sure your clips don’t go anywhere throughout the day by finishing the look with some Love Beauty and Planet Light Hold & Frizz Control Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Light Hold Hair Spray.

4. Summer Scarf

summer hair accessories scarf
Look cool and sweat-free (ish) by wearing a scarf this summer.

For summer, go for that modern-day vintage look by rocking a hair scarf. A super affordable summer hair accessory, you can test out various colors and shapes on your short, medium-length, or long hair. They can even help to make your unkempt summer hair look cool and edgy. Editor’s tip: Before you wear your scarf, beat summer frizz by applying Suave Frizz Reducing Refresher Spray to your hair. This lightweight formula works to add some serious gloss and shine to your hair as it tames frizz. A definite must this summer!

5. Sun Hat

summer hair accessories summer hat
Put on a floppy hat and own this carefree style.

A classic accessory for summer that’ll never go out of style is the beloved summer sun hat. You’ll find them in a variety of colors and sizes that can totally conform to your own unique style and personality. For the ultimate in beach hair, apply some sea salt spray to your dry or damp hair, then scrunch your hair with your fingers.

6. Headband

summe hair accessories headband
We love a classic headband.

Another classic hair accessory we adore is the headband. No matter what season or hair length, you can rock a headband. You can try a thin, medium-length, or thick band when your hair is down or up. We love how it gives a vintage-inspired vibe to modern updos and classic chignons.

7. Hair Crowns

professional hairstyles low crown
Use your own hair to create a modern low hair crown.

More of an accent accessory, hair crowns can be made of flowers or constructed from your actual hair. One of our favorites is the low hair crown that enables you to create a fresh and modern style using your own hair. Lock in this style by using Dove Style+Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray. This formula works to keep your hair nourished as it keeps your look in place all day long.

8. Bobby Pins

party hairstyles
Use your bobby pins to cross over one another, creating a circular crown.

If you can’t be bothered with searching for the latest hair accessory, visit your local drugstore and stock up on a package of bobby pins. You’ll be amazed at how many looks you can get from this beloved hair accessory.

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