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Pixie Cut Hair Extensions: How to Clip Them In

This skill takes some time to master but the results are gorgeous.

We’re big fans of taking the leap into the world of shorter hairstyles and discovering whether or not you’re best suited for a pixie cut. While cutting off all of your hair can be terrifying, thinking about how easy it is to care for short hair can be a major game-changer. However, having regrets about getting a drastic haircut is completely understandable. Whether you want to switch back to long hair full-time or just for the evening, mastering pixie cut hair extensions is a good skill to have.

It can be a little daunting to know what to do with all of the different sized wefts and how to secure clips to such short hair. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to use pixie cut hair extensions and blend them seamlessly.

A Quick Guide to Using Pixie Cut Hair Extensions

Step 1: Wash and condition your hair.

Wash and condition you hair per your usual routine. We suggest the Bed Head by TIGI Fully Loaded Massive Volume Shampoo and the The Good Stuff Curl Definition Jelly. This combo amps up your hair by using a fiber thickening technology that absorbs into your strands to make them thicker. It also uses volume memory to make sure your hard work stays put.

Step 2: Blow-dry your hair.

Blow-dry your hair (this will take less than five minutes) but keep in mind that you’re aiming for a finished look that seems as if your real hair and the extensions are one. Blow-dry your hair downwards versus the usual swooped way you might be used to styling your pixie.

Step 3: Apply your wefts.

Starting as low down as possible, use the clips attached to the extension to secure the widest wefts at the back of your head. Slide the open clip onto a section of hair and snap it shut to hold the extension in place. Your pixie is cut in a slightly faded manner. Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to secure a weft to the lowest layer. Start where you can and work your way up.

Step 4: Style as you go.

Keep moving along the back of your head and then around to the sides with the smaller wefts. Styling your hair as you go is the best way to ensure a seamless transition. We would suggest going for a waved or curly style as a messier look will conceal the clips more easily.

Step 5: Tease and secure.

Once all of your wefts are in place and all of your hair is curled, tease the hair near the crown of your head to mask the clips closest to the top and create a realistic-looking transition. Finish off with a spray of the Dove Style + Care Extra Hold Hairspray to keep your hard work in place.

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