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Bobby Pin Updos: The Ultimate Hair Hack for Short-Haired Ladies

Short-haired ladies can do updos too!

When you decide to go for the oh-so-popular chop, we get that it can come with a few hesitations. Whether you’re opting for an edgy pixie cut or going for a classic blunt bob, short hair basically forces you to switch up your go-to styles, try new products and say good-bye to your trusty ponytail. We get it, this can be super intimidating; with the help of bobby pin updos, it doesn’t have to be!

Since you won’t be able to toss your hair into a ponytail or braid it to get it out of your face, bobby pin updos are a unique way to get the job done. Who knew perfectly arranged pins can be such a glamorous life-saver? Keep scrolling to learn how you can start showing off these looks in style.

How to Create Bobby Pin Updos

bobby pin updos
Keep hair out of your face with a bobby pin updo. Photo credit:

1. Slick back your hair for the bobby updo.

To start off the updo, slick back your hair so you have a smooth base to start with. Go ahead and pick if you want a side or middle part, or a completely slicked back look instead. Locking your short hair down like this will also help give the illusion your hair is in an updo. To do this, use Suave Extra Hold Shaping Mousse. This is a great product to use because it’ll lock your hair in place, while still giving you control to style.

2. Place your bobby pins.

Once your hair is secured back, place your bobby pins to further keep your hair out of your face. This is also a unique way to add color and a little bit of sparkle in your hair. Don’t forget to have fun with this step! You can criss-cross your pins to create a pattern, line multiple in a row for a super sleek bobby pin updo, and even play around with accessorized pins that have pearls or rhinestones on them.

bobby pin updo slick sides
Don’t worry if your baby nape hair sticks out — they add to the charm of this ’90s-inspired look.

3. Secure your bobby pin updo for the day.

I’m sure you’re busy and have a lot to accomplish during the day, so you don’t want your updo constantly falling out. Further secure everything in place with TRESemmé TRES Compressed Micro-Mist Level 2 Hold Curl Hair Spray. This is one of our favorite hair sprays to use because it helps keep your locks in place, without making your hair feel crunchy and stiff. After a few spritzes, your bobby pin updo will be ready to conquer whatever the day throws at you!

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