6 Natural Hair Looks We’re Obsessed with from Orange Is The New Black

Hairstyles inspired by one of our favorite TV shows.

It’s pretty obvious that being incarcerated burglarizes you from expressing your personal style and beauty (or at least it tries to). But if it’s one lesson we could learn from the prison beauty culture on the Netflix Original series Orange Is The New Black is: No matter your resources, there’s always a way to improvise (think: tampons as perm rods, and forks as combs), whether you’re wearing straight hair or creating gorgeous natural hair looks.

While many of us binge watch season after season to see how the plot thickens, or what crazy move Piper will make next — we on the other hand can’t help but admire the cultural natural hair looks worn by the beautifully talented African-American women in the cast.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a television show or movie filled with Black actresses with hair worn in its natural state — we’re talking no relaxers, weaves, blowouts, or sleek straight hairstyles. So for many, OITNB is a major game-changer and we’re digging every kink, curl, cornrow and ‘fro. Check out some of the natural hair looks we’re obsessed with from past seasons.

Favorite Natural Hair Looks from Orange Is The New Black

natural hair looks OITNB
Vee knows a thing or two about voluminous curly hairstyles. Photo credit: Netflix

1. Vee’s Disheveled Wash & Go Hair

Ask any girl with natural hair what happens when you sleep on your hair without: a) twisting your curls before bed to preserve your style; b) sleeping on a cotton pillow case instead a silk one; c) not pineappling your hair at night. Vee takes one for the team with this lived-in wash and go hairstyle and we love it. Let’s be real, according the runways messy hairstyles are the new black…right?

low caesar haircut natural hair looks
Poussey makes big chops look easy! Photo credit: Netflix

2. Poussey’s Caesar Haircut

If Poussey’s super short crop doesn’t inspire your next big chop we don’t know what will. Buzzcuts are having a moment, but we are totally digging this non-spiky borrowed-from-the-boys look that Poussey effortlessly sports showcasing her beautiful oval face shape — a.k.a the face shape that can get away with just about any hairstyle.

bantu knots natural hair looks
Bantu knots are also a great way to get heatless spiral curls. Photo credit: Netflix

4. Crazy Eyes’ Bantu Knots

The signature ‘do for Crazy Eyes is this Bantu knot hairstyle. This natural hair look can be worn tightly coiled, or used as a styling hack to create soft spiraled curls without the use of any heat styling tools. So Crazy Eyes, if you’re reading this and looking for a new style to wear next season, loosen your Bantu knots and let your curls hang!

two strand twist natural hair looks
That natural hair look for when you just feel lazy and want a quick ‘do. Photo credit: Netflix

5. And Her Two-Strand Twists

From Bantu knots to two-strand twists, Crazy Eyes knows what’s up! Natural hair is all about versatility no matter how long or short your hair is!

wash and go curls braids natural hair worlds
Best of both worlds. Rock your natural hair curly or in braids. Photo credit: Netflix

6. Black Cindy’s Short Wash and Go & Taystee’s Cornrows

Someone please let us know what products Black Cindy uses to get her all of her natural hair looks to be so defined while serving time in Litchfield Penitentiary! Between this wash and go natural hairstyle and her signature pigtail puffs, her hair and curl definition is always on point. And for Taystee, we love how she sports her neat cornrow braided hairstyle.

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