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Truth or Hair: Is Haircutting According to the Moon Phases a Real Thing? ATH Investigates

Waxing moon, anyone?

Metaphysics has been a passion of mine for years. I believe in horoscopes, astrology, Tarot cards, planetary movements, and intentions. Yet, I still rely on my common sense, genetics, and hair professionals because aren’t we supposed to bring some rationality to the table? Moon phase hair cutting is a hot topic now, and I spoke with astrologers and aesthetic medicine professionals to uncover the truth.

Astrology has taken over social media for quite some time now. If you’re an avid consumer of this type of content, I’m sure you wouldn’t start off your day without checking your horoscope or “the available energy,” should I say. You probably pull out a Tarot card to confirm that gut feeling and avoid, at all costs, signing agreements if Mercury is in retrograde. If you’re a planner like me, you wouldn’t mind scheduling your new haircut if the moon isn’t in a certain phase, right? However, many people don’t realize planets are also involved when it comes to astrological movements, and of course, this includes our beloved Luna.

The Moon and its cycles are key to planting, growing, and harvesting—a not-so-secret tool used by farmers back in the 1800s. But nowadays, astrologers and followers observe the moon phases to set intentions, purge, and start anew. They also apply this ‘sync’, if you will, into their self-care and beauty practices. So, I decided to investigate how true is Lunar hair care and if getting a haircut according to the moon cycle is worth the wait.

All About the Moon Phases

According to astrologers, the full moon is the ideal time to trim damaged hair.

Let’s back up a little—the 28-day lunar cycle is about growth. The gravitational pull throughout the moon phases influences tidal waves, creating high and low ocean tides. We, as humans, are mostly water—hence why we tend to feel these ups and downs, and according to astrologers, we have this window of opportunity to release and receive.

Now, onto the million-dollar question—how does the moon affect our haircuts? The lunar and hair growth cycles go hand-in-hand each month, so even if you don’t notice it, your mane does. For example, your hair may feel and look healthiest during a new moon, thanks to the extra moisture in the environment.

Tamara Solís, the astrologer behind the Instagram page @TamaraConexion, always reminds her followers what to do and don’t do about hair and beauty treatments in each moon phase. “I try to cut and trim my hair according to the moon cycle, and I have seen a difference. There’s a time and place for everything. I always advise my followers beforehand so they can be prepared.

On the waning moon, hair growth is much slower,” explains Solís. “This phase is ideal for dyeing or trimming your hair if you have bangs or shorter styles, as it will last longer.” However, not all moons are equal. Even if a new moon gives you shiny, silky locks, it’s not necessarily the best time to cut them or go onto full makeover mode. “During the new moon, our hair tends to be weaker, so this is an ideal time to nourish it with deep conditioners or treatments.”

Solís adds that each month represents an opportunity to revamp your hair game, depending on your desired results. “I personally trim my hair every two or three months during the waxing crescent moon. This has worked for me as I’m trying to grow my hair as fast and healthy as possible.”

When to Cut (or Not) Hair According to Each Moon Phase

moon phase hair cutting chart
This moon phases chart is some people’s haircutting guide.

If you’re on board with cutting your hair according to the moon phases, here’s what you need to know.

Full Moon: The perfect time for a trim, mainly if you focus on split or damaged ends, so your hair can grow longer (according to its natural cycle) and thicker.

Waning Moon: This is the time to get a haircut to decelerate its growth process, so go for it if you want to keep your hair short. This moon phase is also great for wispy bangs, short layers, or different hair colors. Side note, body waxing is also recommended during the waning moon because the hair may grow back slower and thinner.

New Moon: Astrologically speaking, new moons are an ideal time to start new. Your hair may be at its weakest point during this time, so while deep conditioning treatments are recommended, trims aren’t a good idea. You can also take this as an opportunity to upgrade your look—have you wanted to trade your long mane for a buzz cut? Go ahead. In other words, a new moon is about letting go of what no longer serves you—from an old, toxic “situationship” to those 20+ inches of damaged hair you’ve been attached to.

Waxing Moon: This is a time for regeneration, and it’s believed to be the perfect time to get a haircut if you want longer strands faster. The waxing crescent moon promotes rapid hair growth and repair, so take it as an opportunity to either do a makeover, trim dry ends inches, or apply nourishing treatments such as keratin or hair Botox.

There’s Some Science to It

I’m all for trimming my hair during the waxing phase. I try to do it as part of my ongoing hair routine; however, I have to admit I have never dyed my hair during the recommended moon cycle. Could that be the reason why I have to color my hair more often? Or is it simply how my genetics are?

If you’re conditioning your mane as often as twice a month, getting minimal trims bimonthly, or chop it all off for a new hairstyle every six months, your actual hair will change. Moon cycle or not that constant nurturing will help your hair to grow healthier and, possibly, longer”, says Emmy Veloso Sinanan, a Palm Beach-based hairstylist and owner of All About Me Salon. Trimming and coloring your hair according to the moon phases may be beneficial, but in the end, it all comes down to your beauty habits.

At the end of the day, your DNA brings more to the game than trimming your ends every so often.
Dr. Leidy Boscan.

‘Possibly’ is the right keyword here. Dr. Leidy Boscan, MD, general surgeon, and aesthetic medicine, explains that hair growth, texture, and overall hair health have much to do with your genetics.

Yes, we can do treatments to straighten or make hair stronger over time; we can soften it with deep conditioners or even cut it to get a visually full mane, but in the end, it comes down to genetics. Just take a look at your mom or grandmother’s hair from each side—length, thickness, texture—this may give you a clue on how your hair may be in a few years, Dr. Boscan says.

To wrap up, it doesn’t hurt to try and cut or trim your hair based on the moon phases, especially since you’ll be putting your attention and dedication into it every month. Call it persistency, available energy, or moon tides—what you focus on expands. And that, my friend, includes your hair.

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