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ATH Opinon: Why Astrology and Witchcraft Are Positive Wellness Practices to Repel Bad Energy and Protect Our Mental Health

Astrology-certified Eunice Lucero-Lee explains.
During stressful times, people’s awareness of themselves solidifies, and our self-preservation instincts are on high alert. We become conscious of our well-being and those closest to us. Since the pandemic, wellness of the body, mind, and soul has been our top priority. Most of us view health as a holistic experience, where routine doctor visits only take care of the body; what about the mind, soul, and spirit? This means turning to religion for some people, but for others, the answer lies in mysticism and new-age philosophies. Astrology, healing crystals, chakras, and witchcraft have risen in popularity and practice since 2020. There’s a close connection between the mystic and wellness, and we want to know about it. More people are turning to Tarot cards, altars, and spells to relieve stress and work burnout while finding enlightenment and tranquility. We sat down with our dear friend, Senior Editor at Best Products, and certified astrologer Eunice Lucero-Lee who gave us valuable insights into the new ways of spirituality.

Few of Eunice’s Favorite Things

My sacred oils, crystals, candles, sage bundles, and cards from my go-to sources include Enchantments NYC, Haus of Hoodoo, Marie Laveau in New Orleans, and many independent businesses here in NY. Photo Credit: Eunice Lucero.
I embrace certain Wiccan rituals, especially as they relate to astrological and energetic practices. I’m a big believer in moon energy and align almost every decision in my life, both major and minor, with the moon’s phases. I also maintain a small altar at home, always stocked with magickal potions from my favorite neighborhood new-age apothecary, Enchantments. I have a collection of personal crystals and a knack for oil magick.

Eunice Lucero-Lee gained her astrology certification in 2017 under Rebecca Gordon’s then-called My Path Astrology (now Rebecca Gordon Astrology). She also completed a Witch School course offered by Catland, a Bushwick-based occult bookstore, in 2020. She followed her dad’s passion for astrology as she grew up in a household where charts, zodiac signs, and new-age books were around. She recalls, “I was first attracted to all the wonderful ’70s-inspired illustrations that adorned all his ephemera; they all seemed like psychedelic rock posters to me, but with hidden secrets!” Eunice and her dad have the same Sun sign (Cancer), so she grew up listening to and reading Cancers. She also recalls that her first ever and still her favorite tarot cards were a gift from her uncle, from her dad’s side.

She wrote her grade school term paper on zodiac constellations when she was 12. “I guess the passion for it never stopped — there was always something new to learn and unpack, and the insight you gain is always great and purposeful.” Eunice’s love for astrology is in her upbringing, blood, and shared with her parents. “My mom calls me up every time I’m in a bind to ask how I am — her intuition is spot-on. If it’s in your blood, it’s in your blood.”

How to Knock On the Astrology Door

Photo Credit: Unsplash.

It was only natural for Eunice to become a certified astrologer, but choosing the right program is key if you want to get a certification in astrology. For Eunice, triple Virgo and purist teacher and mentor Rebecca Gordon gave her students the knowledge “to read a birth chart, do horary and electional astrology, perform solar chart readings, and then some.” Eunice considers said abilities valuable “modern-day life skills.”

Need a new hair regimen?
My Path Astrology was a great entry point into the world of astrology, which is the study of energy. Rebecca, my teacher and mentor is a renowned astrologer with decades of experience who armed us with a very comprehensive yet easy-to-digest curriculum. This included lessons from the history of astrology all the way to practical lessons on blind-reading celebrity birth charts and then guessing whose they were.

The amount of information about astrology and zodiac signs out there is overwhelming. For Eunice, it boils down to “as above, so below.” In other words, “the sky offers a blueprint of energies (provided by the planets, luminaries, nodes, asteroids, etc.) when we’re born that’s unique to us and no one else.” 

Photo Credit: Unsplash.

This exact snapshot of the universe is yours the second you’re born:

The Sun (your life’s purpose), the Moon (your emotional approach), the planets in your chart (the actors in the play that is your life), the signs they’re in (the character they play), and the houses (the stage) all make up the special soup that is you.

Why do you think astrology is becoming so popular these days? Why become certified?

Eunice Lucero-Lee: I think astrology, witchcraft, and other new age-leaning practices are so big these days because the uncertainty has us in a death grip lately. Everything from once-uncontested belief systems to our everyday health to financial stability to the fate and longevity of our planet has been questioned, and people are looking for reasons. We need answers, and we need guidance. I also think many are just sick of the traditionally masculine, outward approach to world reform — war, tyranny, organized religion, oppression — that we’re now looking inward into our own intuitions and tapping into the divine feminine, which is more nurturing.

Theoretically, we’re also moving into the Age of Aquarius, where we recognize the god in all of ourselves via advancements in science, tech, and philosophy, after coming from the Age of Pisces (the sign of the fish, aka Christianity — remember the hold that had on us for the last, oh, thousands of years?).

To be clear, no one has to be certified to reap the benefits of astrology or witchcraft. But for those who want a deeper dive or want to break into the business of astrology or energy work (like reiki healing, tarot reading, etc.), it’s definitely recommended, if only for credibility — as I said, there is a lot of misinformation out there these days. If you want to build a loyal client base, certification can help.

What’s the meaning and value of altars? Why are they essential to have?

Eunice Lucero-Lee: Altars are your sacred space and act like a spiritual vision board and a practical workspace. It’s an area where you can practice your spells and intentions and a space where you can also meditate. Any practicing witch will benefit from having a focal point on which to focus their energy when praying or practicing their spellwork. An altar is also a place where you can honor and pray to your ancestors and invoke them for guidance and protection.

What objects does a witch need to perform their craft? How has old dark witchcraft evolved into the new one related to wellness and self-care?

Eunice Lucero-Lee: Witchcraft is as varied as the witch practicing it, which is to say it is neither “good” nor “evil”; it all depends on the witch’s intention. Hexing and banishing have their place in the craft and are just as crucial to your spiritual hygiene as conjuring up blessings, protection, and well-wishes. Denial of the “darker” forces of witchcraft is spiritual bypassing or avoiding the full picture of the human condition — or what many probably recognize as Instagram-friendly witchcraft, which is all “love and light” or “good vibes only.”

A witch needs an altar or a personal, dedicated area for their fixed candles, crystals, rosaries, tarot cards, oils and formularies, cauldrons, incense, or anything they need to help them with their spellwork and intentions. It doesn’t need to be a giant, elaborate setup with figurines or all sorts of esoteric paraphernalia — literally, a windowsill or bathroom shelf with a few plants and crystals can be just as effective — for as long as it’s an area that allows you to focus and visualize your energy and intentions in.

In your opinion, what’s the connection between witchcraft (dark forces) and wellness (light forces)?

Eunice Lucero-Lee: The term witchcraft shouldn’t be equated with “dark forces”; I think doing so is blatantly misogynistic, completely false and inaccurate, and a relic from the Inquisition’s days. Witchcraft uses a balance of energies from nature, so just like nature, it can be nurturing, fruitful, transformative, and destructive all at once.

Its relationship to wellness is as prosaic as it sounds; it goes with the flow. And it’s all about energetic balance: A balance within the forces of nature in witchcraft and a balance within our bodies for wellness.

What’s the benefit of adopting new age philosophies, rituals, chakras, energy repellers, sage, incense, and palo santo?

Eunice Lucero-Lee: These ancient practices have sustained mankind for thousands of years, way before the advent of modern religion. They’re inclusive and can work in tandem with all creeds, races, beliefs, etc.; one doesn’t have to be baptized or formally inducted into a school or church to practice. Energy is universal.

Sage, incense, palo santo, crystals, and the like are now-mainstream tools that many new-age practitioners use to help with their own personal practices. These widespread benefits include protecting oneself from negative energies communicating with spirits to manifesting intentions.

How are these connected to our well-being and self-care?

Eunice Lucero-Lee: Any practice that makes you look inward encourages meditation and makes you accountable for the energy you put into the world and directed towards others can reap the rewards. Self-awareness is self-care. I’ve also found that some forms of witchcraft are very effective tools in creating and enforcing healthy boundaries. As they say, not harm, but take no shit!

How has your persona and life improved since you became certified and adopted your new learnings?

Eunice Lucero-Lee: Self-awareness, self-actualization, and a stronger intuition are just a few of the many upsides. Not everyone has to be a certified astrologer or practicing witch to achieve these. But there’s something to be said about knowing you’re one with the universe and are a vessel for its life force that inspires you to get on the right path. You realize you’re all connected and that whatever you put out in the world comes back to you.

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