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10 Chic Ways to Wear a Curly Perm on Short Hair

The shorter the curlier!

Are you looking for a  more permanent way to spice up bone-straight short hair? Then you should consider a curly perm on short hair. A perm is a process of adding curls to your hair that stay even after you wash your hair. They last up to 6 months and need to be retouched regularly as your natural hair grows in. Are you considering a curly perm for short hair? Here are 5 Chic Ways to style a curly perm with short hair. 

How to Wear a Curly Perm on Short Hair this Season

Check out these chic ways to wear a curly perm on short hair:

1. Dip-Dyed Curly Perm on Short Hair

dip dyed perm hair
Dip-dyed hair is a gorgeous way to spice up a curly perm on natural hair. Photo by Nora Hutton

If colorful looks are your mojo, then dip-dyed curls just may be the look for you! This look is especially great for anyone who may also want to experiment with color without going full-on! The beauty of dip-dyed hair is that it can be easily cut off or recolored if you are not necessarily feeling the look. If you do love the color, be sure to preserve the look by using Suave Vivid Color Conditioner on the ends of your hair while washing your curls. 

2. Side Swept Curly Perm on Short Hair 

side swept curly hair
Create some edge with side-swept curls. Photo by Alex Sheldon

A side-swept curly perm on short hair can be achieved in two ways. One way to achieve this look is to shave the slide of your hair while leaving the other side to flow with curls. However, if you are looking for a less permanent look, then you can achieve this look by pinning all your curls to one side of your hair. Pinning your hair with more ease by using a gel such as Dove’s Amplified Textures Define N’ Moisture Styling Gel on the side you are laying down. 

3.  Curly Mohawk 

mohawk curly perm on short hair
Frame your face with your curly perm on short hair. Photo by Kat Love

Highlight your face while bringing some edge into your life by wearing your curly perm on short hair in a mohawk. This is another look where you can choose to either cut your hair or pin it down to achieve the desired look. Top of the look by adding definition to your curls with Suave Luscious Curls Curl Defining Cream. 

4. Middle-Parted Curly Perm Look

curly perm middle part
You can never go wrong with a middle part. Photo by Troy Wade

There is nothing like a classic middle part look! This timeless look is a beautiful everyday look for your curly perm on short hair. Keep your scalp nourished while wearing this look with Suave Professionals Castor Oil & Mango Butter for Natural Hair and Scalp Oil. 

5. Pixie-Cut on Curly Permed Hair 

short pixi cut on curly perm on short hair
Layer your perm curls with a cute pixie-cut. Photo by Tamara Schipchinskaya

Want to achieve one of the shortest looks with your curly permed hair? Then perm a pixie cut. You can even add some flair to the look by adding bangs to the cut. Refresh your curls daily by using a lightweight spray such as TRESemmé’s Flawless Curls Hair Spray. 

6. Curly Bang

curly bangs
Add some curl to your bang. Photo by Aiony Haust

Add some volume to your hair when you add bangs to your mane. This is a perfect way to highlight your eye shape as well. This style can also be repurposed to be worn as a side bangs hairstyle.

7. Curly Half Up, Half Down

curly half up half down
Elevate your curly bangs. Photo by Elise Wilcox

Take your curly bangs hairstyle to the next level with this curly bangs half up half down look. This is a gorgeous way to wear your hair when you are attempting to achieve an updo look which is otherwise more difficult to achieve on short hair.

8. Accessorized Curls

Accessorize your curls. Photo by Matthew Reyes

Not in the mood to style your curls everyday? Take advantage of chic hair accessories such as this hat. Some of or personal favs for accessorizing are head scarves, headbands, and expressive hair clips.

9. Parted Curls

Part your hair to the side for a full + dimensional look. Photo by Wilker Lauriano

The beauty of short curly hair is that you can part it a multitude of ways without the extra hassle. This side-parted look for example is a great way to add volume and dimension to your look!

10. Buzz Cut Curls

Add some edge to your curl. Photo by Kenzie Kraft

Looking for an edgier look? Try this buzz-cut look leaving your curls at the top. This is a fun look for anyone who wants a fresh start with their hair, and who wants to try something out of their comfort zone.

Will you be trying a curly perm on short hair? If so, which look(s) will you be rocking with style? Show us your looks by tagging us @AllThingsHairUS. Also, for more hairstyle inspiration, subscribe to our newsletter below. 

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