10 Easy Day-to-Night Looks for Rectangle Face Shapes

Nail those coffee-to-cocktail situations with hairstyles that flatter those enviable angles. 

One of the most common hair-related questions out there is how to find a hairstyle that flatters your particular face shape. Whether you have a round, oval, square, heart or rectangle-shaped face, you’ll want to find a style that perfectly complements your features. This time around, we’re focusing on the latter, as it’s quite a unique face shape and one that a lot of women seem to struggle with.

A rectangle face shape is one is similar to square face shapes, but is slightly longer and narrower vertically. Like the square face, a rectangular face also has a wider forehead and strong, angular jawline, which makes finding hairstyles that complement these proportions a bit of a challenge.

You’re in luck, however, as we’ve managed to curate a collection of super-cute hairstyles that flatter a rectangle face shape that, as a bonus, we’ve made sure also work from day to night! Read on:

10 Hairstyles That Flatter a Rectangle Face

1. Air-Dried Bob

rectangle face air dried bob brunette
It doesn’t get easier than this as far as hair styling goes.

Short haircuts are known to be super easy to style, and when you add an easy air-drying technique to your routine, it gets even easier. Even better, a face-framing bob looks super cute when air-dried!

2. Beach Waves for Weddings and Beyond

rectangle face beach waves brunette flower crown
The right combination of hair products will help you nail this style in no time.

Frame your unique face shape in beach waves. This popular go-to look is easy to achieve when you use a mousse, like Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse. This mousse helps you define your natural waves for a beachy and beautiful vibe, for both formal occasions and otherwise.

3. Blonde Bob with Bangs

rectangle face blonde bob full bangs
This look requires just a bit more styling.

Rock this shoulder-brushing look with the help of a blowdryer and our easy-to-follow blowout guide for short hair. This style manages to be professional without draining all of the personality out of your style.

4. Blonde Curls

rectangle face blonde curls middle aged woman
Opt for loose curls that frame your face.

If you’ve avoided wearing a style like this because you find the thought of a curling iron daunting, you’re not alone. We promise you’ll get the hang of it in no time, though. Use a 1 1/2″ curling iron to create loose curls over the bottom two-thirds of your hair. Run your fingers through the curls after they cool down to soften the look.

5. Center Part

rectangle face center part straight hair
Pair a center part with straight strands for a super sleek look.

All you need is a hair straightener and a shine serum to nail this super sleek look. Straighten your strands and run TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum through the ends of your hair for a strong dose of shine.

6. Updated Ballerina Bun

rectangle face center part tight bun
Show off your killer bone structure with a tighter style.

Needless to say, killer bone structure often comes with the rectangle face shape territory. Try a modern version of the ballerina bun that’s tight and sleek and sits at the nape of your neck.

7. Loose Bun

rectangle face loose bun
Pull a few pieces out for a softer look.

The softer sister to the tight ballerina bun we just mentioned, this looser style has a little bit of a more relaxed feel. Pull a few small strands of hair out around your face to soften it even further.

8. Short Choppy Layers

rectangle face short layers brunette
Frame your face with choppy layers.

Highlight your face shape with short choppy layers that draw attention to your cheekbones. This look works with any hair type and texture and is one of our personal favorites.

9. Go Natural

rectangle face straight long hair
Let your hair fall naturally.

Let your hair fall naturally around your face and let the rest of your look do all the talking. You’ll be surprised when you see that a soft cascade of hair really is the perfect addition to any look.

10. Teased Roots

rectangle face teased roots
Add some volume up on top.

Use a small teasing comb to create volume at your roots and lightly comb your hair away from your face to achieve this soft and flattering look. Finish with a mist of TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray.

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