6 Easy Round Face Hairstyles to Wear at Home This Weekend

Easy styles you can whip together in no time flat.

There are tons of hairstyles out there that can define and accentuate your gorgeous round face shape. When looking for round face hairstyles, it’s important to keep angles in mind, opting for hairstyles that can both define and enhance your unique features. Round faces tend to do well with hairstyles that add extra angles and add more dimension to the face. Creating angles in your hair can be as simple as changing your part or adding subtle braids to your hair. Read on to check out six of our favorite round face hairstyles that you can try out this weekend.

1. Loosely Curled

easy round face hairstyles loose curls
Loose curls are easy and chic.

Time: 15 Minutes

Have a fun brunch to attend this weekend? We love how loose curls can both soften and define a round face. To achieve this look, use a larger barrel curling iron to create your curls. For looser curls, use larger sections of your hair and curl for a shorter length of time. This is great because it cuts the time it takes to curl hair. Finish your curls by combing through your hair with your fingers. You can add in a side part for an extra angular look.

2. Deep Side Part

round face hairstyles deep side part
Can’t go wrong with a side part.

Time: 2 Minutes

Romantic weekend at-home dates deserve a romantic hairstyle like this deep side part. The angle of your hair swooping across your forehead makes this one of the easiest round face hairstyles as you try out a chic, almost faux side bangs look. Make your side part more dramatic by using the Bed Head By TIGI Manipulator Matte Cream to slick down the shorter side without shine.

3. Accent Braid

easy round face hairstyles accent braid
Add an accent.

Time: 5 Minutes

An accent braid can amp up any hairstyle to make it look more purposeful. All you need to do to create this style is to choose one side of your part and braid it back. If you are new to french braiding, we have this easy to follow French braid tutorial. End the braid near your ear for a chic modern look and then style it—with the rest of your hair over your opposite shoulder.

4. Natural Looking Waves

round face hairstyles waves
Give your hair some movement with waves.

Time: 10 Minutes

Natural-looking waves can be a bit harder to recreate than perfect curls. To get this natural-looking style we suggest using a good curling wand. To create subtle waves in your hair. The larger the section of hair you bend, the more natural-looking your waves will be. After creating the waves in your hair, use Nexxus Between Washes Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray to scrunch in a loose, piecey effect to your newly created waves.

5. Faux Bangs

round face hairstyles faux bangs
Define the roundness in your face by trying out some fake bangs. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Time: 15 Minutes

We love round face hairstyles that include bangs. But, if you don’t already have bangs it may not seem possible to trim bangs at home in 15 minutes. Instead, try fake bangs for a fun style without the commitment. To master this look, check out our full step-by-step tutorial to create fake bangs on your own hair.

6. Pretzel Bun

hairstyles for round faces pretzel bun
Try out a fuller hairstyle for your round face with a fun pretzel bun. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Time: 10 Minutes

For an elegant weekend look, try out a fun pretzel bun on your round face. All you have to do is twist two sections of your hair before wrapping them into a bun. It’s super quick and easy! Follow our pretzel bun tutorial for step-by-step guidance as you master this look.

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