faux braids final look

Faux Braids: A Step-by-Step Tutorial with Justine Marjan

So fab and easy to recreate, trust us.

If you have yet to get the hang of more complicated braiding techniques but don’t want to miss out on the braid trend, we’ve got you covered. This quick and easy step-by-step tutorial with Justine Marjan will have you faux braiding with ease in no time. The finished look gives the impression of a more complicated braided style and doesn’t require any high-level styling skills. Keep reading to learn some of Justine’s favorite products below for top tips on how to create this look!

Tutorial: Faux Braids


Apply dry shampoo.

Mist TRESemmé Between Washes Volumizing Dry Shampoo through your roots to absorb excess oil and give your hair a clean start. 

faux braids spray dry shampoo

Brush your hair and detangle.

Start by brushing your hair and detangling your strands.

faux braids brush hair

Create a center part.

Use a comb to create a sharp center part. 

faux braids create part

Create pigtails.

Create two separate sections and tie your hair off into pigtails. 

faux braids pigtails

Start faux-braiding.

Add another elastic a couple of inches down, then split the pony in two and loop the hair through. Repeat the pattern all the way down the length of the pony.

faux braids pancake

Set the look.

faux braids hairspray

That's it!

You did it!

Faux Braids

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