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A hairstyle for when we want it all, or nothing at all: this beautiful twisted up ponytail is a mix and match of tousled strands and spirals, making it the perfect option for a romantic date, a weekend out with your gals, and even for weddings or elegant parties if you go for classic accessories or rhinestones pins for your ‘do. 

The magic of our faux braided ponytail is in the details: it looks way more elaborate than it is. In reality, though, it’s quite easy to recreate at home in minutes. Let’s take it as a simple hack if braiding isn’t your thing! Just focus on doing a neat prep work while taking care of your twists and curls along the way.

Keep on reading to learn how to do a feminine yet edgy pony, and you’re bound to get the showstopper of your hair dreams!


Prep your hair.

Start with slightly damp hair. Then, spray a product like Dove Hair Therapy 7-in-1 Miracle Mist all over, always giving some love to your mid-ends to define curls and protect.

model spritzing product on damp hair




Time to wake up those waves! Take a diffuser and with upward movements, scrunch your hair to separate and define your curls.

model diffusing hair

Separate your top section.

To build your twisted ponytail, define and separate the top portion of your hair, as you would when doing a half up hairdo. If you want the twists to be the head-turner (or if you have thick hair), part your section neatly from the ears up, horizontally. Now, if you’ve got fine hair or prefer to give it priority to the actual pony, simply go for a thinner chunk on top.

model separating top section of hair

Fasten in place.

Now, pull up your top section loosely to the back. By doing so, you’ll be adding some volume and movement to the crown. Secure it closer to the scalp with a hair pin. If your hair is on the thinner side, you might want to tie it with a clear elastic so the style can last longer. For a casual, 90s vibe, leave some wavy strands right at the front!

model securing hair in place

Twist and pin!

Let the fun begin! From that top section, grab thin pieces (an inch or so, at most), twist it all the way to the end, place it on the opposite side, and fasten it. To secure your strands, you can use a V-shape pin or regular bobby pins that you’ll firmly attach to the base.

model twisting hair section and pinning in place

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Repeat the process by twisting and twirling your hair pieces, alternating each one, and secure it to the opposite side. The idea here is to build a twisted updo right in the middle of your head. Of course the more twists you’ve got, the thicker your faux braided bun would be!

model securing hair in place

Move along.

Once your twists are perfectly secured and done, go ahead and move onto the ponytail part. Simply grab the back of your hair, closer to nape of the neck, and firmly tie an elastic to create a low pony.

model tying hair into a ponytail

Elevate the pony.

Take a half inch piece from the bottom of your low ponytail for the perfect touch of chicness, as well as adding some visual separation to both of the hairstyles going on in here.

model working on small hair section

Wrap it around.

That strand you just pulled apart will now be wrapped around the base of the ponytail in order to hide the elastic. Tuck the ends in to the same hair tie or secure it with another pin.

model wrapping hair around tie and securing in place

Add some curls.

Elevate the look of your ponytail by curling one-inch strands with a size 0.5 curling iron. Smaller wands are perfect to create and define tighter spirals or kinks, and the beauty of it is that you can leave as it is or fluff it afterwards for more volume.

model curling ponytail in section

Spritz to finish.

For the final touch, spray a healthy dose of Dove Hair Therapy 7-in-1 Miracle Mist on your ponytail. Its lightweight formula will keep your mini curls defined and hydrated, all while preventing frizz and flyaways.

model spritzing Dove product as finishing touch


Twists, twirls, and curls – this lovely trifecta is everything a ponytail would ask for and much more. It’s now your turn to be creative and add your own personal style: wrap a silk scarf around; some butterfly clips here and there, or carefully place some flowers for the spring hairdo of your dreams. 

model showing final braided up ponytail look on side angle

Let your low-key inner princess shine with a twisted up ponytail! Truthfully, a chic way to step up your hair game, even if you don’t have braiding skills.

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