This Box Braids Ponytail is Your New Go-to Look

Rock this high ponytail on your box braids all summer long. No hair ties needed!

As summer comes around, many of us are faced with having to find hair ideas that will beat the heat and still look stylish at the same time. One of our favorite protective hairstyles for summer is box braids. It’s a style that will help you protect your own hair during the summer heat and can be styled in numerous ways. Don’t believe us? Take this high box braids ponytail for instance. The look is an ode to the ’80s, can be done in just five minutes or less, it’s a cool summer hairstyle, and it allows you to showcase your gorgeous face.

Ponytail box braids styles like these are also great hair hack ideas. What do we mean by this? This look doesn’t require any hair ties thanks to your braids! So if you ever find yourself wondering how to update your hair on the go, opt for this easy box braids ponytail.

 How to Create a High Ponytail With Box Braids

Want to learn how to create the style on your box braids and get some inspiration? Read on as we unfold the steps to getting a super high ponytail on your box braids.


Start clean.

Start with your hair down. Refresh your box braids with dry shampoo like the Dove Refresh + Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo. Hold the can about 3-5 inches away from your hair, then spray the dry shampoo at the roots of your hair. Gently massage it through, and then you’ll be left with voluminous hair!

woman wears braids and starts with clean hair for high ponytail

Place your ponytail.

Gather all of your hair into a ponytail at the preferred side of your head, or   simply place the pony right at the center of your crown. You don’t want to cause any breakage, so make sure you’re gentle and not tugging at the root of your hair. If you have a fresh set of box braids, we suggest creating a loose ponytail to prevent tension. Hold your ponytail in place and begin step 3. 

women wearing braids gathers hair for a high ponytail

Secure ponytail with braids.

Take two to three stands of your braids and loop it around the base of your ponytail. Take the ends of your strand and lace it through the base to lock your ponytail in place without using any hair ties. If you’re after a much tighter hold, you can insert a few bobby pins.

a woman with high ponytail braided hair tightening up her hair

Final ponytail box braids style.

There you have it! Your cute box braids high ponytail. If you end up wearing this look all week long, we don’t blame you. Consider alternating the position of your ponytail if you want to switch up the style. This ponytail can easily transition into a bun by simply wrapping your braids around the base of your ponytail and using bobby pins to set it in place.

woman wearing box braids in a high ponytail style

Box Braids Ponytail Style Ideas

Ready to try this hairstyle yourself? Below, check out these 10 ways you can style your box braid ponytail.

1. Top Knot With Box Braids

braided bun
Topknot with box braids.

Want to keep your hair out of your face? Twist your braids into a bun and secure with bobby pins or a hair tie. For maximum hold use TRESemmé Flawless Curls Hairspray.

2. Long Box Braids

girl with box braids half updo
Can’t decide how to wear your hair? Try a half-updo!

Not feeling a full ponytail? Go for a half-updo! We love how this looks shows off your braids while keeping your hair out of your face.

3. A Box Braid Bun

bun with box braids
Bun with box braids.

Make a statement by twisting your braids into a bun on the top of your head.

4. Lengthy Box Braids

box braids
Completed box braids.

Keeping your braids long will allow you to try many different types of updos with them. Use The Good Stuff Frizz Control Oil to maintain a sleek and smooth look.

5. High Ponytail

high pony box braids
High ponytail with box braids

Let your braids free with a high swinging ponytail. To cleanse your scalp between wash days, use SheaMoisture Moringa & Avocado Power Greens Hair Tea Rinse. We love this product because it lightly cleanses strands while keeping your hair smooth and soft.

6. Pink Box Braids

pink box braids
Switch up your box braids with a vibrant color!

Need a change? Add a pop of color to your braid with a trendy neon pink hue. The bold color is a great contrast against naturally dark hair and skin tones.

7. Casual Box Braid Hairstyle

box braids ponytail
Keep box braids out of your face with this go-to ponytail!

Need a quick put-together style? Pull your braids back into a sleek ponytail which will keep them out of your face all day long.

8. Effortless Ponytail

box braids ponytail
A little box braid style Inspo.

We love how effortless this style is. Use a ribbon or spiral hair tie for a gentle hold. The braids elevate a basic ponytail in such a big way.

9. Top Knot

box braid bun
Secure box braids in a bun for a sleek look that stays out of your face all day.

Nothing screams polished like a pulled-together top knot! We love how this look is great for a casual look, but can easily be dressed up for a bigger event.

10. Red Ombré Look

red box braids
Create a unique ombre box braid look with a bold color like red.

Not ready for completely colored braids? Go for an ombré look where you gradually transition into a statement color.

Whether you want to try a bold color or a new top knot, there are many variations you can ass to your box braid ponytail.

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