5 Retro-Future Hair Trends that Will Be All the Craze in 2023

It's going to be a cool, low-maintenance, and stylish year.

Are you curious about the upcoming 2023 hair trends? We were, so we decided to do some homework and bring you the upcoming trends. We spent the past few months watching and taking notes of all the hairstyles and haircuts we saw during fashion week worldwide. We can tell that minimalistic hairstyles and accessories will be the norm next year. So if you’re fond of wet hairstyles, simple braids, messy buns, and structured ponys, you’ll love 2023 hair.

It seems like the theme for next year’s hairstyles is: I just woke up like this hair, and we’re here for it. The upcoming trends are a mix of retro-future hairstyles, including Y2k hairstyles, from pulled-back hair to an extremely wet futuristic finish.

1. Ultra Wet Hair

hair trends 2023
The wet hair look suits every hair texture. Photo Credit: Indigitalimages.

Models with very wet hair walked the coveted runways of New York and Europe during fashion week. But we’re not talking about the classic wet finish, but a new, soaked, nearly dripping wet hairstyle. The difference between this 2023 wet hair look and the classic one lies in the amount of product used. The trick to creating this updated wet look is taking more product than you usually would for a wet finish. Of course, we’re referring to a hair gel, but the ultra-wet hairstyle also requires a strong hold mousse.

Certain products become classic because they work, and TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel is one of them. The best thing about this gel is that it gives hold and control to any style with a non-sticky finish. This gel is perfect for creating trendy wet hair looks and other cool styles for next year.

2. Hair Trends 2023: Bedhead

hair trends 2023
Let your curls flow naturally with a tiny bit of product or none. Photo Credit: indigitalimages.com.

For our low-maintenance friends, who don’t enjoy spending too much time on hair maintenance, 2023 is all about celebrating them. If your favorite hairstyle is the one that looks like you just rolled out of bed, you’re on trend. We’re talking about the unique bedhead look, consisting of messy hair with little to no styling products. And a bit of hairspray or balms will allow you to complete your favorite effortless look.

For example, we love the soft finish of Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray. Formulated with amino acids, this hairspray offers hold and keeps the volume you created. A little bit goes a long way with this spray; right in your alley.

3. Asymmetrical Side Part

hair trends 2023
A deep side part compliments every single hair texture. Photo Credit: Indigitalimages.com.

We were very excited when we saw that the asymmetrical side part is one of the hair trends 2023. The elegance a side part offers is undeniable and elevates any outfit. In addition, a side part also helps contour your face, especially if you wear a deep side-swept part over your forehead covering one cheekbone. You can make a side part using a fine-tooth comb and spraying some hairspray.

On the other hand, you can also make a free-form side parting by using your fingers and an anti-frizz product. We particularly like Bed Head by TIGI Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray. This spray tames your frizz for up to 72 hours and gives you a slight hold. Either way, you choose, you’ll enjoy the glamour of this simple hairstyle.

4. Hair Trends 2023: Late 90s Early 2000s

hair trends 2023
Retro hair accessories are going to be huge next year. Photo Credit: Edelman.

Y2k fashion and hairstyles are all over social media thanks to GenZs’ passion for the nostalgia, especially the Millennium era. Everything from the late 90s and early 2000s is in high demand, including hair trends. We’re seeing that hairstyles from 1999 are coming back, and we love it. For example, pulled-back half-up hairstyles with soft waves, side ponys with curls, loose braids, and low-buns were some of the styles rocked back then. As a matter of fact, the overall finish of the Y2k hairstyles was au naturel; in other words, nothing stiff or over-prepped. In addition, we can’t forget retro hair accessories such as bows, claw clips, and scrunchies, which from what we see, will all be highly popular next year.

5. Knotted Ponys, Buns, and Braids

hair trends 2023
K-pop made this look popular, and now every celeb is wearing it. Photo Credit: Edelman.

We can always count on male and female K-pop group members for forward hairstyle ideas. We have seen girl group members rocking multi-three-strand braids knotted together in a pony. In the same breath, there were runway models with unfinished half-up ponys and messy buns. For instance, you can wear a high pony with several colorful elastic bands or micro braids on random parts of your hair. Lastly, the goal is to wear accessories such as lace knots, shoe laces, and rubber bands to make simple hairstyles seem more structured. Let your creative juices flow and your imagination run wild, accessorizing your hair next year.

All things considered, which of these hair trends 2023 are you the most excited about?

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