10 Hairstyles that Flatter a Brown Hair Blue Eyes Combination

Find the look that complements your features! 

Looking for a hairstyle that will flatter a brown hair blue eyes combination? While cultivating your personal style, it’s important to take your entire look into account: hair included, of course. Finding a hairstyle that’s flattering and also feels like it fits your style can be a process and it’s important to consider your hair type and texture.

But what about your hair color and eye combination? We’ve created a collection of 10 hairstyles that will flatter the brown hair blue eyes combination in particular. These beautiful styles will give you some ideas of hairstyles to consider if you’re looking for a truly personalized styling experience.

Keep reading to check out these styles that flatter the always striking brown hair blue eyes combo:

1. Sleek Low Bun

brown hair blue eyes tight low bun
Pull your hair back and let your eyes do the talking.

Firstly, consider a sleek low bun. Use a comb to create a sharp deep part in your hair. Run Love Beauty and Planet Hope and Repair Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang 3-in-1 Benefit Oil through your hair from just below your ears to the very ends. Comb your hair back into a low ponytail, wrap it in a bun, and secure the style in place with a hair tie.

2. Tease it Back

brown hair blue eyes teased pulled back
Tease your roots and pull your hair back and away from your face.

Draw more attention to your face (and your eyes) by teasing your roots and gathering your hair back into a sleek and straight ponytail. This style is the perfect combination of volume and sleekness.

3. Layered Length

brown hair blue eyes straight layered
Long layers allow for beautiful movement.

Long layers allow for a lot of movement and show off your brown hair color beautifully. Ask your stylist to cut long layers into your hair next time you’re at the salon to recreate this look.

4. Sleek and Straight

brown hair blue eyes straight brunette hair
Pair straight hair with volume at the roots.

Prep your hair with Dove Style + Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray and straighten your strands for a sleek and straight look. This look is understated yet impactful at the same time and allows you to make the most of your length.

5. Wrap Your Pony

brown hair blue eyes side ponytail
Use this simple hack to give your ponytail a step up.

Add a touch of polish to a classic side ponytail by wrapping a small section of hair around the base of the style.

6. Go Natural

brown hair blue eyes natural looks
Use the best mousse for your curls to emphasize your locks.

Emphasize your natural curls without running the risk of crunchy hair that often comes with some styling products. Use Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse to define your gorgeous curls without the crunch.

7. Loose Waves

brown hair blue eyes loose waves
Try easy waves for your signature look.

Use your straightener to create easy loose waves that manage to appear polished without looking overdone. This look strikes a balance between sleek and voluminous for a laidback yet impactful finished look.

8. Long Waves

a beautiful wavy long hair woman on blue background
Run a comb through your long curls.

Opt for something a little higher fashion and get in on the brushed-curls trend. Simply comb through your curls with a hairbrush for mega volume and drama. The brush will loosen up your curls to create some instant volume.

9. Long Braid

brown hair blue eyes braid
Pull your hair back into an intricate braid.

Consider pulling your hair back into an intricate braid and letting your blue eyes do all the talking. Braiding gets easier the more you practice so if it feels challenging at first, don’t stress!

10. Brunette Bob

brown hair blue eyes brunette bob
Keep your style short and simple.

Lastly, consider giving yourself an at-home blowout and style your bob in a simple yet polished style. This will give your short brown strands some lift at the roots and the ends for a truly ‘done’ look.

Are you thinking about trying out one of these styles? Be sure to grab a picture and tag us over @AllThingsHairUS if you do!

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