Curly Haircuts for Round Faces: 15 Perfect Crops for Curly Girls

Girl, you've got options. 

For many, it’s never easy to find curly haircuts for round faces. You may not even be 100 percent sure if your face shape is considered round. To figure out if you have a round face, take a look at your cheekbones. Ladies with round face shapes will have soft angles and their cheekbones will be the widest part of their face.

If this sounds like you, then you most likely fall under this face shape! Curly girls may find it a bit more challenging, as they have to go for the cut that works well with the way their curls fall. If you’re currently on the hunt for curly haircuts for round faces, we found some haircuts that will elongate your face, highlight your round features, or if desired, contour it.

Read on for our top picks of curly haircuts for round faces:

Our Fave Curly Haircuts for Round Faces

Not sure how to cut your curly hair in a way that will flatter your round face? Check out these styles below to get inspiration.

1. Textured Curly Bob

curly haircuts for round faces bob
The fluffier the cut, the better.

Use a short-length textured curly bob to frame your jawline. We also love how the highlights add variation throughout the style.

2. The Big Afro Cut

curly haircuts for round faces afro cut
The big ‘fro cut suits a round face. Photo credit:

Go big or go home! Use a big afro curly cut to your advantage. Comb it upward to reveal your round face shape, or style with side-swept bangs to add dimension. Give it extra definition and add some much-needed moisture with a little Suave Curl Defining Cream.

3. The Curly Bang

curly haircuts for round faces: bangs
Pair your round cut with curly bangs to frame your face. Photo credit:

Add even more texture to your curly bob cut with a curly fringe. The variation of texture in your fringe can help add shape to the cut.

4. The Blunt Curly Cut

curly haircuts for round faces: blunt curls
The blunt-cut curly style. Photo credit:

This long blunt curly haircut is also a great way to frame your face shape. This can also help create the appearance of a longer face.

5. The Loose Wave Cut

curly haircuts for round faces: curly side part bob
Side part lose curled bob perfection. Photo credit:

Have a rounded face with a slightly angular jawline? Use loose jaw-framing curls to soften up any hard lines.

6. The Faux Hawk for Curly Hair

curly haircuts for round faces
Go for a “frohawk” style on naturally curly hair. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Try a faux hawk style on afro hair to help elongate your round face shape.

7. Micro-bob

curly haircuts for round faces micro bob
Even better when with a few curly layers.

A micro-bob cut with bangs draws attention to your eyes and away from a fuller face frame.

8. The Wedge Cut

curly haircuts for round faces: layered wedge cut
Add dimension to your face shape with this angled cut.

The wedge cut on curly hair with layers for movement complements a round face shape. Style with Suave Professionals Define & Shine Serum Gel to get shiny and defined curls.

9. Curly Layers

curly haircuts for round faces layered bob
The perfect way to elongate your round face.

This layered curly haircut is also a great way to frame your round face. Plus, the layers help your natural texture thrive.

10. The Mushroom Cut

curly haircuts for round faces
The focus is on your perfectly round jawline.

This mushroom cut draws the attention away from your forehead area and reveals your perfectly round jawline.

11. Pixie

curly haircuts for round faces: pixie
Short and sweet. Photo credit:

If you want a cut that highlights your face shape, try a short curly pixie cut. Give it an edgy look with textured and undone curls.

12. The Contour Cut

curly haircuts for round faces: short curls
A good curly cut makes us happy too.

Try a cut just below your cheekbones for a contoured effect.

13. Loose Wave Curly Cut

curly haircuts for round faces
You can’t go wrong with a shoulder-length cut.

Long loose waves can help give the illusion of a longer face shape. For this illusion opt for hair that it at least shoulder length or longer.

14. The Parted Cut

curly haircuts for round faces: layered cut
The layered cut is perfect for creating volume.

Ask your stylist for a cut that can be worn with variations of hair parts. For even symmetry, go for a middle part.

15. Asymmetrical Waves

curly haircuts for round faces wavy
Have a looser curl pattern? Go for the wavy bob cut.

This asymmetrical short wavy cut can help take away the emphasis of the fullness of your cheekbone area. Set with TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Level 2 Hold Curl Hair Spray to extend the look.

Whether you try a contour cut or a mushroom-style, there are so many ways you can style your curly hair that will be flattering for your face shape.

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