Tutorial: 5 Steps to Get Trendy Glass Hair With Waves

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Healthy, beautiful, shiny hair isn’t wishful thinking anymore. While some of us aren’t that lucky to naturally have it, we have successfully cracked the code to get that glossy glass hair finish with trendy 90s waves right from your home. 

This wavy style is quite simple by itself – but you’ll need the right products to smooth and defrizz your mane to wake up your hair’s inner radiance. To give yourself the ultimate shine-bright-like-a-diamond treatment, you’ll need to focus on using lightweight formulas to hydrate, protect and smooth all frizz and flyaways. Remember, well-prepped, moisturized hair is the secret weapon for glossy glass hair!

Let nothing dim that light, girl, and keep reading to make wavy glass hair happen in minutes!


Prep your mane.

Start with slightly damp hair, and spritz it all over with a product like Nexxus Prep & Protect Leave-in Spray. What we love about it? Its light-as-a-feather formula is strong enough to deeply moisturize your mid-ends for extra shine while protecting from the heat (the latter is necessary, as we’ll be using a blow dryer and a curling iron in the following steps).


model spritzing damp hair with Nexxus product

Smooth out.

Now that your strands are well-coated with a leave-in spray, go ahead and apply a balm before blow drying. Nexxus Smooth & Full Blow Dry Balm will do the trick thanks to its weightless texture. This styling balm is key to add volume and fight frizz and flyaways, as well as offering extra heat protection. Needless to say, if you truly want glossy glass hair, don’t skip it!

model applying hair balm

Blow dry straight.

Take a round or paddle brush, and blow dry straight with downward movements. Smooth it out from roots to the ends several times – that way, the heat will “activate” the powers of the balm you just applied, making your hair shine from within and creating a workable grip that makes for a fast, easy blowout. 

model blow drying hair straight

Ride the wave!

Once your hair is completely straightened out, it’s time to add some waves. Starting from your mid-section, curl towards the ends with a 1.25 barrel size curling iron. This is the perfect wand for defined, smooth waves as opposed to tight spirals. You’ll curl strands of approximately an inch, rotating the iron clockwise away from your face.

model curling mid-section of hair with curling iron

Focus on the details.

Go back to polish any missed sections. Don’t be afraid to take a larger chunk and wrap it around the wand – thicker strands create a natural wave, especially if your hair is long. Regardless of your length, it’s important to follow these two rules: always start curling from your ears down, and use a barrel size between 1 and 2 inches (a smaller one will curl into kinks; larger sizes won’t curl if your hair is too short).

model adjusting missed sections of hair

Separate your curls.

Right after you have finished curling, run your fingers through your mane and gently pull it downwards. This technique separates the waves while giving them a modern, cool vibe – a match made in heaven for gleaming, shiny hair!

model separating curls with fingers


Is it a diamond? Is it a star? Simply put, it’s the shiniest, healthiest wavy hair you can ask for! Glass hair is the perfect canvas to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

model showing final shiny hair look on front angle camera

While it’s true we all have a light deep inside us, it doesn’t hurt if our ‘do takes the cake. Less is definitely more when it comes to achieving ultra shiny glass hair, so let the prep work do its magic and wow yourself with those satiny, sleek waves. Sunglasses, anyone? 

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