Why Blondes Need to Add Blonde Shampoo to Their Styling Arsenal

Shopping around for a blonde shampoo to whip your fair locks into shape? Look no further.

Blondes, whether natural (lucky you!) or bottle-borne, love how their hair glows. That said, blonde shampoo is fast becoming an essential in their bathrooms, as it’s a product that’s specially crafted to keep any type of blonde hair looking its absolute best. Natural blondes know that their color can become dull-looking and might need a boost from time to time; salon or home created blondes, on the other hand, may occasionally fight against blonde shades turning brassy, fading out or looking dry, damaged and listless. Blonde shampoo rescues and revives blond hair. Allow us to wax poetic below:

blonde shampoo icy platinum

What’s so special about blonde shampoo? It’s technical term is actually purple shampoo, and as such, is formulated with vivid violet toners that counteract brassiness (think: color wheel). The violet toners neutralize harsh orange and yellow shades. When looking for the best shampoo for blondes, make sure that the blonde shampoo contains violet toners.

The right blonde hair shampoo can extend the vibrance of your hue.

blonde shampoo curly golden blonde
Every shade of blonde benefits from blonde shampoo. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A shampoo for blonde hair not only makes your hue brighter, shinier and more vibrant, a lot of the latest formulations can also help keep bleached hair and chemically-treated hair moisturized and healthy-looking.

Platinum, ashy, golden blonde—no matter what shade of blonde hair you have, using shampoo for blonde hair makes your hair look incredible day in and day out. And yes, if you’ve blonde highlights, blonde hair shampoo will keep those highlights looking fresh as the day you walked out of the salon as well.

How often do you need to use a blonde shampoo?

Blonde shampoos keep your color fresh looking.

If your hair is color-treated, you’re probably aware that frequently washing your hair can do three things: dry out your hair, fade out your color and turn brassy (orange or hard yellow shades).  Ideally, you should wash your hair once or twice a week. If you need to refresh hair in between washings, use either a dry shampoo, or rinse your hair using a cleansing conditioner.

Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo has violet toners to get rid of brassy strands, as well as help brighten blonde shades. The shampoo helps control frizz, detangles hair and gently conditions hair too. Using this once a week with Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Reconstructor helps bring back your blonde in all its glory.

TRESemmé Pro Collection Purple Blonde Shampoo is the tonic for damaged blonde locks. The pH-balanced shampoo helps reconstruct chemically treated hair. If you’ve gone a bit overboard in the blonde department, the keratin and milk proteins in the shampoo help hair become healthier, stronger and feel fantastic.

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