Spruce Up Your Grey Hairs With Clarifying Shampoo

Replenish your silver strands with cleansing grey hair shampoo.

The first time you find grey hairs can be tough. Not only are your strands completely changing pigment, but they also become more sensitive and prone to damage. Not only that, but not properly taking care of your greying strands can actually lead to a yellowing pigment developing. That’s right, similar to brassing on blonde hair, grey hair can also take on a yellow tint if not taken care of. One of the biggest reasons for this is daily pollutants that can easily get absorbed into your locks. Something as simple as walking outside could impact your grey hairs, especially if you live in an urban area filled with pollutants in the air. If you notice your grey hairs yellowing, then we have the best answer for you! Get ready, because you’re going to need a powerful grey hair shampoo that clarifies and strengthens your strands against the toughest of pollutants.

grey hair shampoo
Ge your grey hairs some TLC with this shampoo.

What exactly is grey hair shampoo? Well, these shampoos work to cleanse and protect your delicate strands against day-to-day factors that can lead to damage. Not only do they protect against pollutants, but they also help to give your greying locks a strengthening boost to keep them hydrated and durable for even the toughest of hair days.

It’s pretty hard to find a grey hair shampoo that works for your hair. But here’s a secret: many shampoos that are great for grey hair aren’t even branded for greying strands. That’s why one of our secret weapons to fighting yellowing and brittleness caused by greying hairs is the Nexxus City Shield Shampoo. This shampoo works to give your hair the clarity it needs to thrive during it’s greying period. It’s salon-crafted, silicon-free formula works to penetrate deep into strands to help rid it of any pollutants and damaging radicals. It’s also enriched with a phyto-protein complex and other conditioning ingredients to help soften and smoothen any unruly strands or frizz. The results are silky-smooth strands that can take on the day!

If you’re in need of an extra hydration boost due to brittleness that takes place during the greying process, then make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner! We recommend pairing this shampoo with the Nexxus City Shield Conditioner. This conditioner helps restore the protective barrier around the cuticle of your strands, and nourishes your locks to keep them tamed and smooth.

If you’re in need of the ultimate hydrating boost, then make sure you finish off any of your looks with the Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum. Its gives your greying strands the glossy, healthy look that they may have lost during greying, while assisting in the durability of your locks by nourishing them with a boost of concentrated elastin protein. With this ultimate combination, you’ll have frizz-free, clarified grey locks in no time!

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