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The Best Detangling Conditioner for When You’re On a Heat-Styling Hiatus

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Are you thinking about going on a heat-styling hiatus? If you’re anything like us, your strands likely need to be washed more often now that you’ve gotten into your New Year’s resolution of working out more. And the more you wash your hair, the more frequently you resort to heat styling. While dry shampoo can refresh and revive your strands, there’s only so much you can put your hair through before it’ll practically be begging for a real wash. The solution? Having the best detangling conditioner in your arsenal.

Today, we’re talking about one of the best detangling conditioner options out there and telling you why this product will be your go-to for those times when you’re avoiding your hot tools.

For most of us, washing our hair more often means blow-drying it more often, too. If you’re not down to give yourself a fresh blowout after every sweaty gym session, then these are the detangling conditioner products for you:

The Best Detangling Conditioner

We constantly read about the hair care routines of bloggers and beauty editors around the world. We often notice that women are fighting with their natural texture rather than working with it. Embracing your natural texture is a key step in the quest to a no heat hair routine and being armed with the right products is equally as important. If it’s hard to imagine a version of your natural hair that’s suitable for the public eye, then you should consider investing in a detangling conditioner.

best detangling conditioner
When your comb can glide easily through your hair you know you have the best detangling conditioner.

One of our favorite detangling conditioners is TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner. This conditioner detangles knots, and boost shine at the same time. If you’re looking for a detangling leave-in conditioner for curly hair types, try Dove Absolute Curls Leave-In Detangler. This spray-in product works to nourish and strengthen your hair for tug-free detangling. While this product is specifically designed for coarse and curly hair, it works just as well on other hair types. It smoothes the surface of each strand and seals in essential nutrients.

Editor’s tip: This product is ideal for those times when you’re in a rush. Simply spray the product onto your damp strands, lightly brush it and then allow your hair to air-dry. Not only will it help condition your hair; it will also seal your hair cuticles to lock in nutrients.

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