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Editor’s Choice: I Found the Best Drugstore Hairspray and Tested It for You

Finally, a hairspray you can brush through.

I’ve been eager to try TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Fine Hairspray for a while now since it is considered the best drugstore hairspray. Typically, I avoid hairspray due to issues like poor hold, greasy finish, and the fear of my hair being too stiff for styling. My dream was to find a hairspray to transition from a day-to-night hairstyle without stiffness easily. For example, I want to wear a ponytail during the day and be able to let my hair down without having a stiff mess.

I’m pleased to announce that I found the IT hairspray and am very happy with the product. I never knew I could find a hairspray that offered hold and let my hair meneagle with tons of movement.

Get Your Hands On this Hairspray to Change Up Your Look During the Day Stiff-Free

Best Drugstore Hairspray
This is by far my favorite drugstore hairspray. Photo Credit: Lucia Prinzi.

TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Fine Hair Mist boasts a finer mist and ensures even distribution without the heaviness or stickiness associated with traditional hairsprays. It provides a flexible hold, allowing natural movement without stiffness or crunchiness. I have tested this hairspray for a few weeks now, and below is my honest review.

Testing TRESemmé’s TRES Two Ultra Fine Hairspray

I decided to put my hair up into a high ponytail around 12:00 pm and then went out, had lunch, saw some friends, and returned home before sunset. I wanted to test how well this hairspray held my hair and if I could brush it out before going out in the evening.

best drugstore hairspray ponytail
I applied this hairspray in the morning and held my stubborn flyaways well. Photo Credit: Lucia Prinzi.

After several hours, my hair still held its shape; there were no flyaways or frizz. As you can see, my hair doesn’t look greasy either, which has always been my biggest concern. I tend to have oily hair and try to avoid styling products altogether.

Loving the Way I Can Easily Brush Out this Hairspray


best drugstore hairspray hair down
This is how great my hair looks after I brushed out the hairspray. Photo Credit: Lucia Prinzi.

I am absolutely astonished by this product. Not only did it maintain a flexible hold for hours without the pesky flyaways, but I brushed it through easily when I grew tired of the updo and wanted my hair down.

You can see in the photo how part of my hair with the hairspray looks straighter and sleeker than the rest. A bonus about this already incredible product is that smells divine. It’s a combination of citrus and vanilla! I already loved how it felt, but its scent was quite welcome.

All you need to do is finger comb your hair or brush it out, and your hair will mold into the shape you want, maintaining its hold. I don’t know how this product was formulated, but it’s truly the best drugstore hairspray. I am delighted to have discovered this product and hope this article encourages you to grab one, too.

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