5 Under Color Hair Looks to Try this Season and Beyond

An unexpected pop of color!

Under color hair is easily one of the most popular hair color trends of 2022. This pop of color is applied to the bottom side of your hair to create an unexpected break in your natural hair color. The best part about this trend is how versatile it is. When you feel like showing off your fresh hues, you can wear your strands up. When you find yourself in more conservative environments, you can wear your hair down!

This style isn’t limited to just one hue. Many people opt to include a pattern, multiple shades, or even a full spectrum of one particular color. If you are thinking about trying out this trend, make sure to take a look at our product recommendations that will ensure your color stays fresh.

Under Color Hair Ideas Everyone Wants Now

Read on to check out 5 under color hair ideas to try in 2022:

1. Tie Dye

under color hair tie dye
Does it get any more summery than this?

This tie-dye pattern is a complex and fun pattern that sits neatly tucked into the bottom section of hair. This blend is the perfect way to play with bright and bold hues in a more contained way. Notice how the color extends from below one ear across the head to the other ear. This means that when the hair is worn down, the bold colors will be completely hidden! Keep your fresh hair color vivid and bright by washing and conditioning with Suave Vivid Color Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo will keep your style as fresh as the day you went to the salon.

2. Sunset Hues

under color hair sunset
These sunset hues are what hair dreams are made of.

We can’t get enough of this beautiful blend of sunset shades. Pinks, oranges, and blonde strands blend together to create this peek-a-boo moment. Notice how the hue has been applied to the bottom of the section of hair. The stylist then carefully curled and styled the hair so the beautiful sunset shades would come through! This hair trend depends a lot on styling and creating a color pattern that can either be hidden or brought out depending on the circumstances.

3. Pop of Silver

under color hair silver
This shimmery pop of silver perfectly complements dark hair.

If you want to add some sparkle to your hairstyle, consider this shimmery shade of silver. This all-over hue has been applied evenly to an entire section of hair underneath the top layers. This shade of hair color does require a lot of upkeep – especially when created on a dark base as shown here. Talk to your stylist about upkeep before you take the plunge!

4. Rainbow Highlights

under color hair rainbow
Why stop at one color?

Why stop at one color when you can include the whole rainbow? This is a classic style and we love how edgy and unique it is. Handpick the exact shades you want to include but remember that hair color will show up in different ways depending on how well your hair lifts at the beginning of the process!

5. Shades of Blue

under color hair blue
Go blue or go home.

Finally, consider a spectrum of one particular hair color. This style blends various shades of blue to create one impactful hairstyle. We love the way the blue and brown strands complement one another!

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