A Complete Guide to the Tik Tok Hair Slugging Trend

The softest and smoothest strands of your dreams.

Hair slugging is the latest trend to hit Tik Tok and it has quickly become a popular method for creating instantly shinier and stronger strands. Similar to the skincare trend that uses vaseline to seal in the rest of your skincare routine to maximize its benefits, hair slugging offers a strong dose of benefits in one all-over product application. Unlike the skincare trend, hair slugging utilizes hair oils that are full of vitamins and nutrients your strands crave.

Read on to learn more about hair slugging and how to make the method your own:

hair slugging
Find a hair oil that works well for your hair type.

What is hair slugging?

Hair slugging is a method where one applies a hair oil to the ends of their hair, wraps the length of their strands in a sock, and secures the sock with a hair scrunchie. The longer you leave the oil on your hair, the better the results will be! Leaving the hair oil on overnight will offer plenty of time for your hair to absorb the hair oil and benefit from the nutrients in the formula.

Does hair slugging work?

It does! Hair slugging offers your hair a strong dose of hydration, moisture and reparative elements which results in shinier and stronger hair. Using a sock and hair scrunchie over the treatment creates an occlusive environment and allows the hair to absorb the oil.

Think about how soft your hair feels after a 10-minute hair mask! Now multiply that timeframe by an entire night of benefits and consider making hair slugging a regular part of your hair care routine. Once a week is the ideal frequency for hair slugging as you can oversaturate your hair if you do it more often than that.

How to do hair slugging:

Here is a step-by-step guide to hair slugging to help you through the process:

Start off by choosing a hair oil that offers benefits tailored to your hair type. For Every Hair Type Revitalizing Hair Oil offers exactly what its name suggests! This multi-tasking hair oil moisturizes hair and adds shine to your style. It contains castor and argan oils, Vitamin E, and fatty acids to revitalize your strands.

Alternatively, you can use a hair oil like Emerge Glow Off Oil Serum if your hair is on the thicker and curlier side. This oil is infused with omega-6 and Pequi Oil and is formulated to enhance curls.

You can also grab a bottle of Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox 5-in-1 Invisible Hair Oil, a formula that nourishes and smoothes and is safe for color-treated hair.

Any of these hair oils will offer nourishment and hydration! Apply the oil to the lengths of your hair and then gather your hair and pull it into a sock. Use a hair scrunchie to secure the sock and head to sleep! Wake up, wash your hair, and style as usual. You will quickly notice that your hair is shiny, soft, and ultra-hydrated.

Are you thinking about testing out this method? Be sure to share the results with us over @AllThingsHairUS!

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