25 Black Hair Color Ideas to Inspire Your New Edgy Look

Darker hair colors to inspire you this season.

Black hair is often considered a shade that’s too bold or dramatic. We think it’s actually quite stunning and love this darker hair color for many reasons. It has an edge, looks mature and professional, which is why in this highlight-obsessed world, it’s almost a refreshing palette-cleanser. The challenge? Finding the right look, style and cut that doesn’t look inky or weighed down. To help you out, we’re sharing a list of some flattering ways to rock black hair, including some looks featuring the blue black hair color trend.

After you find your inspirational hue/style combo, be sure to check out our tips on how to maintain this bold hue.

1. Wavy Bob

short black hair with waves
With monochrome hair, the love is in the details, like tousled bangs and airy ringlets. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A common stylist tip for creating dimension in short black hairstyles is to break things up with texture. A soft bob that falls just between your ears and chin has the tendency to feel blocky, but creating a side part and giving texture to the mid-lengths gives the look much-needed dimension. You may even experiment with bangs that are worn equally tousled. To style, twirl sections around a curling iron—or leave to air-dry for a natural look. Focusing near the mid-lengths and ends gives a romantic ’40s feel.

2. Choppy Lob

asian black hair lob
Texture (and asymmetry) is imperative when giving movement to a lob. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Give an otherwise ho-hum long bob some personality by infusing some razored layers all throughout. A lot of Asian women have thick, lustrous black manes; highlight this enviable texture by asking your stylist for cheekbone-grazing layers (almost always universally-flattering) and a length that ends near your collarbones for a flirty swing.

3. Soft Pixie

black hair color soft pixie
Best on thicker, straight-to-wavy hair textures, the short pixie is a surefire head-turner. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A more romantic take on one of the hottest short hairstyles, soft pixies are made up of more blended lengths at the crown and hairline, and an overall blown-out texture. No piecey bangs for these short black hairstyles! The key is working with straight or wavy textures—anything curlier and you veer into moptop category.

4. Close Crop

short black hair color close crop
Get on board with a TWA, or Teeny Weeny Afro, for the summer. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Natural-textured women can make the most of their coils by wearing their hair in a neat afro. If you want a slightly longer style to play with, ask for more length at the crown and have your stylist taper slightly towards your neckline for a more millennial take. Don’t forget to apply a leave-in conditioning product during the day for a shot of moisture.

5. Feminine Boy-Cut

short black hair boy cut
Super healthy-looking hair? Make that your hallmark with a cut that highlights shine. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Similar to the campy bob of the ’90s that featured floppy, pretty-boy volume on the top and a shorter back, this cut gets a cute upgrade by having more blended layers throughout. It still has a taper at the nape, but is graduated softer towards the front hairline, which has a shinier peek-a-boo effect.

Styled with the front lengths over one eye or with the sides tucked behind the ears, it’s a sexy way to let your features shine and draws the eyes towards that all-important erogenous zone: your neck. We also love how this black hair blue eyes look offers a stunning contrast, allowing your facial features to really ‘pop.’

6. Blue-Black Box Braids

blue black hair with braids
Box braids are such a style chameleon. Photo credit: Dvora

We’re big fans of box braids. They’re such a great look because they fit with any style! Want to wear edgy box braids? Use them to create a mohawk out of buns. Want a sweet look? Try a box braid bow bun! For a simple look that packs a punch, find box braid extensions in a blue-black shade.

7. Black Blowout Hair

asian straight black hair
A little practice with a round brush is all you need. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Something else that looks great on everyone? A good blowout. We love to do an at-home blowout: Just start with wet hair and spray some heat protectant on your strands. Then follow along our with our guide to getting a salon-style blowout at home.

8. Black Hair ’30s Updo

low bun vintage black hair
What’s not to love about finger waves? Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

1930s styles are always gorgeous. Retro glam waves? To die for. Glam waves are also pretty easy to achieve, believe it or not. All you need is a fine-toothed comb and some gel. Use a little bit of gel over the front two inches or so of hair near your part. Then, take your fine-toothed comb and create a big S-curve wave, a.k.a a Marcel wave. Let it dry, and rock that cool ’20s style with the rest of your hair in a bun.

9. Slicked Back Blue-Black Hair

black hair slicked back
The slick back style with this fuzzy hoodie is a whole lot of yes. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

We’ll always love the look of slicked-back hair. It’s super fab because the ultra-polished look will create contrast with anything you wear. And the slicked-back style is also on-point if you need a high-fashion look in just a few minutes. Just apply some gel throughout your hair, combing it backwards and you’re ready to rock!

10. Fluffy Dark Hair

fluffy black hair
Go for a fluffy finish on your dark hair. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Who says dark hair has to always been seen on straight hair? We love black hair color ideas that combine a fashionable edge where you curl your hair,  then brush them down for a fluffy finish.

11. Bold Curls

dark black hair with hat
Accentuate those curls in a hat with this stunning look.

We are digging this combo of bold, defined curls on black hair. Take this look a step further by rocking a hat with your look this season.

12. Two-Toned Black Hue

black hair with red
Enhance your black hair with some red. Photo credit: Dvora

Oh, hey, awesome color alert! What’s not to love about this bold mix that combines red and black, delivering an on-trend and modern look that’s bound to turn heads this season.

13. Rich Jet Hair with Bangs

black hair color with bangs
Modern and super cool way to rock black hair. Photo credit: indigialimages.com

A modern gals’ dream look, this cut/color combo is a chic way to rock a darker shade that pairs gorgeously with a thick bang.

14. Toned-Braids

white and black hair braids
Cool toned braids.

Amp up your braids by enhancing them with some color. The contrast of white/black hair on braids looks super fierce and modern. Definitely a must-try look this season.

15. Crimped Hair

crimped black hair
Crimps are back and better than ever. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Crimps are back and better than ever! Get in on this 80s-inspired trend on your darker hair as you showcase an awesome contrast on your black hair.

16. Beehive Half-Up

black hair half-up
A classic combo that we adore. Photo credit: Dvora

A vintage look with some major modern vibes, we are digging this half-up beehive ‘do that’s all about volume! Get in on the beehive hair trend by checking out our hair tutorial.

17. Jeweled Space Buns

jeweled black hair space buns
A fun way to style your black hair. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Have fun with your black hair by rocking the resurgence of the ‘90s space bun. Add some jewels (or your favorite hair accessory) to add even more personality to your hair.

18. Afro

natural hair black hair afro
Rock your natural afro this season.

Another take on the afro, we are all about this big, fluffy version that’s all about owning your hair and your personal style to boot. Keep your afro hydrated and moisturized by using a hair oil on the daily.

19. Regal Side Style

black hair color side updo
A side style for your darker hair. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Take your hair to the side with this hairstyle idea. We love how it taps into some major regal vibes as your black hair is pulled back into a low updo and featured on one side of your face.

20. Shag Haircut

shag cut black hair
A popular ‘do that looks awesome on black hair. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Get in on one of the hottest trends of the season with the black hair color shag. Opt for long bangs to frame your face or go for something cutting-edge by opting for a micro fringe.

21. Voluminous Updo

updo volume black hair
An updo that speaks volumes. Literally.

Accentuate your dark hair even more by opting for bold style like a volume-rich updo. Pair this look with a bold lip for a fierce combo.

22. Polished Waves

vintage black waves
Polished waves look gorgeous on dark hair. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Tap into Old Hollywood with these polished waves. Gorgeous for a wedding or special event, we love the combo on darker hair. Check out our waves tutorial so that you can master this look at home.

23. High Top

black hair high top
Revive the ’90s on your hair with the high top.

As we mentioned, the ’90s are back so we are really digging some of the styles that have been making a come-back like the high top. After you brush your hair upward, be sure to use some gel to ensure that this style stays intact all day long.

24. Polished Lob

straight hair black hair
A polished way to rock your dark hair. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Rock the look of the season with a sleek finish. After you blow-dry your black hair straight be sure to apply a serum throughout your hair, which will result in hair that’s soft and frizz-free!

25. Polished Mid-Bun

polished bun black hair
A gorgeous way to get your hair off your neck in the warmer months.

Not all buns are the same and we’re really digging this middle, polished bun that gets your hair off your neck while also looking super fashionable.

Here’s how to maintain your fresh black hair color:

1. Start with healthy hair.

Black hair color holds best onto strands that are healthy and not damaged. This is difficult if you find yourself in a cycle of heat styling and constant dyeing. Before you take the plunge and get really dark black hair, make sure to trim your ends (it really depends on your own personal level of damage) and use a moisture-rich hair mask like Dove Hair Mask + Minerals Strengthens + White Clay at least one-month prior to dying your hair.

2. Know your hair dye.

Not all hair dyes are created equally. The dye you get from your drugstore is dramatically different than what you get from your salon. If you are trying black hair for the first time, we suggest going to the salon where you will get a high-quality, salon-grade formula for your hair. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you may have to your colorist.

3. Avoid washing for 48 hours.

Your colorist will give you this news, but we want to soften the blow by letting you know that your color will need time to settle into your hair. If you wash it beforehand, your color can seep out of your hair causing a washed out look instead of that gorgeous midnight black you were going for.

4. Wash less.

We all know that washing less is the best way for you to hold onto the natural oils in your hair.  It is also the best way to hold onto your color since over-shampooing can cause the color in your cuticle to escape.  If you can get away with it, try washing your hair every other day and soak up hair oils by using a dry shampoo.

5. Stay away from heat.

This rule is for anyone that colors their hair. You really should avoid further damage from heat styling and opt for heatless styles (as much as possible).  If you just have to create a look with heat be sure to do so sparingly! If you can’t let go of your favorite heat styling tools, be sure to use a heat protectant – like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray beforehand! This also applies to the heat from the sun, which you should avoid as much as possible, or get a signature hat to cover up your locks.

6. Use cooler water.

Just like you are avoiding heat, you’ll also have to stop using really hot, or even warm water when you want to hold onto your color. Hot water can open up the cuticles in your hair, causing your black hair dye to escape.

7. Use the right shampoo and conditioner.

After you dye your hair, you’ll need a formula for color-treated hair such as Suave Keratin Infusion Color Care Shampoo and Suave Keratin Infusion Color Care Conditioner.  This system works to prevent your black hair from fading while also helping to make your hair smooth.

8. Stay away from the pool, or protect yourself with a UV spray.

Chlorine can lighten dyed black hair. You can still enjoy your time in the pool this season however, but make sure to use a swimming cap or a UV spray (we like Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray) and rinse hair off with tap water before and after hitting the shore.

9. Maintain.

Dyeing black hair can be a lot of work and maintenance. Regular root treatments and touch-ups are a must to keep your hue looking fresh! A regular gloss treatment in between touch-ups also does wonders for shine.

Are you thinking about trying out of one of these looks? Be sure to take a picture and tag us @AllThingsHairUS!

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