This Scalp Scrub Gives Your Head the Winter Glow Up It Deserves

Treat your scalp to a well-deserved massage.

If you use a lot of products to style your hair, it might start to feel heavy and look tired. We don’t blame you for going hard with the dry shampoo or reapplying your texturizing spray throughout the day—they are essentials to keep your style on point! After a week of product buildup, though, your strands and scalp will have had it.

Detoxify your strands with one our fave products, the scalp scrub. This exfoliant helps you hit the reset button on your hair and bring it back to its day one look and feel. A scalp scrub also helps with oily hair by removing oil buildup, which will help you cut back on the styling products, too! Read on:

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A scalp scrub is the reset button your hair needs. Photo Credit:

How does a scalp scrub work?

A scalp scrub is an exfoliator for your head and your hair.  These scrubs work to gently remove dead skin cells from your scalp to promote hair growth and remove impurities. Not only does a scalp scrub help your skin, but it also helps you detoxify your strands. Using lots of different hair products can cause your strands to get build up and natural oils can also become a problem, too.

Our current holy grail scalp scrub is Nexxus Clean & Pure Scalp Scrub. This scrub is made with Nexxus‘ exclusive Protein Fusion blend with elastin protein and marine minerals, leaving you with an extra clean and refreshed look. Use this product in place of a shampoo or right before you shampoo, about once a week.

The benefits of using a scalp scrub

Compare a scalp scrub to a face exfoliator: They’re not daily-use products but are essential to keeping your hair and skin rejuvenated. It’s important to remove product and oil buildup about once a week. Your hair will be lighter, cleaner, and products for hair care and styling will be easier to apply and their benefits more apparent. Not only is it good for your hair, but it also feels like a mini spa treatment in your shower as you massage your scalp with exfoliants!


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