Healthy Winter Hair: 8 Effective Hair Care Tips for the Season

Nourished hair all winter long.

You can buy all of the hydrating hair products under the sun, but if you don’t have effective routines for the season, you won’t have healthy winter hair. Winter is harsh. This season, the air will suck the moisture you’ve put into your hair but there are ways to stay ahead of the curve. Start with the right tricks to put you on the path to having healthy winter hair.

Below, we’re spilling our top three tips for healthy winter hair. Read on:

healthy winter hair steam
Steam treatments will give you softer, moisturized hair.

1. Steam Treatments

Whether you own a hair steamer or not, you should be adding steam treatments into your winter hair care routine. Steam treatments help products penetrate better making them more effective. An easy DIY method is to use the steam from your shower. Cover your wet hair with a shower cap after your shower gets steamy and hot. Leave your cap on for a few minutes then rinse your hair out will cool water to close the hair cuticle.

2. Leave-in Conditioners

If it’s one product you need to have during the winter season, it’s definitely a leave-in conditioner. It is so easy for your hair to become dry and damaged due to the cold and dry air as well as the cold weather accessories you wear like wool hats. When applying a conditioner of any sort, be sure to focus on your ends as this is the driest part of your hair. What we also love about using leave-in conditioners is that you can use during the week to re-hydrate your strands. Try Love Beauty and Planet Smooth and Serene Argan Oil & Lavender Leave-In Smoothie Cream especially if you’re trying to beat winter frizz.

heat styling tips: blowdry hair
On curly hair, air dry first then blow dry to stretch.

3. Partial Air-Drying

For many, air-drying hair during the winter seems like it’s not an option. However, if you can get yourself to try it out partially, it could be a big help. Most women tend to use more heat on their hair during the colder months because they can’t stand to walk around with a wet head when it is cold out. For healthy winter hair, and to decrease heat damage in addition to using a heat protectant like TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray, we recommend allowing your hair to air-dry (while you’re at home, of course) before using heat-styling tools.

4. Use a Humidifier

Adding a humidifier to your room can be an easy and season-long trick to healthy winter hair. A humidifier will add moisture back into your room that the cold winter air has removed. This trick is great to keep your strands moist and also your skin and eyes. Say goodbye to living in a dry, moisture-less home!

healthy winter hair dark color
Avoid dyeing your hair lighter during the colder months.

5. Go for a Darker Color

Help prevent further damage in the colder months by laying off the bleach in your hair color routine. By going for a darker shade you are giving your hair a much needed break from bleach and lots of color touch ups throughout the season.

6. Dry Shampoo

Colder months may be voluminous hair’s mortal enemy, but dry shampoo is the perfect sidekick to help reinforce body and volume. Try out Suave Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo to put a little oomph back in your style, despite the cold weather trying to flatten it down.

healthy winter hair frizz free
A frizz calming sheet is the perfect way to tame frizz on the run.

7. Frizz Removing Sheets

If you’re looking for frizz protection throughout the day, while you’re on the go, then you need Nexxus Frizz Defy Active Frizz Control Anti Frizz Sheets. These sheets replenish nutrients in your strands to smooth and tame unwanted frizz.

8. Silk Pillowcase

We highly recommend switching to a silk pillowcase for every season! Silk is much less porous than traditional cotton pillowcases, so they don’t strip your strands of moisture or create breakage. Switch to a silk or satin pillowcase to maintain healthy winter hair, even while you sleep.

Try out these tips to achieve the ultimate healthy winter hair. Moisture and hydration are absolutely key during the colder, drier months, so don’t neglect quenching your thirsty hair!

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