9 Ways to Rock Ash Blonde Highlights on Natural Hair

Stand out with the hair color of the season!

Ash blonde highlights are the perfect way to compliment any hair-do that needs a hint of spicing up. With how gorgeously neutral the color is, it complements a large variety of hair colors that you may add them to.

Adding on this is the perfect color to sport during any season whether it is Fall, Spring,  Winter, or Summer! Are you looking for some Ash blonde highlights inspo that you can rock on your natural hair? Then check out these 9 different ways you can rock ash blonde highlights on natural hair. 

Whether you are looking to add ash blonde highlights to your natural hair or implement them in your protective hairstyles, there is a look for you here!

1.  Ash Blonde Highlights on TWA

Blonde Teenie Weenie Afro
Spice up your teenie weenie afro with ash blonde highlights. Photo by Ziphaus

Are you rocking a Teenie Weenie Afro? Spice up your look with the cutest ash blonde highlights running through your curls. While maintaining this look, use a color-protecting shampoo such as Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose Sulfate-Free Shampoo to increase the longevity of your style. 

2. Ash Blonde Highlights with Dark Roots

Blonde afro with dark roots
Grown-out roots? No worries! Photo by Melvin Brizuela

Growing your afro out? This is the perfect chance to rock your ash highlights with dark roots for a more natural look. If your grown-out roots look too separated from your blonde highlights, consider creating an ombre effect with an updated hair dying session. 

3. Ash Blonde Highlight Curls 

Ash Blonde Highlights
These highlights were made for coils and curls. Photo by Ivana Cajina

If you have longer coils and curls and you want to go all out with your blonde hair then this style is for you! Take your blonde curls to the next level by adding these ash blonde highlights.

With defined curls and coils, this hairstyle is bound to be a show-stopper! When defining your coils or curls, try Dove Amplified Textures Twist In Moisture Shaping Butter Cream. This product will leave your mane defined and free of the product build-up and crunchiness that your stand hair gel leaves. 

4. Ombre Highlights 

Ombre Highlights on Afro Hair
On the fence about ash blonde hair? This look. Photo by Jakob Owens

Are you loving the look of ash blonde highlights so far but not ready to go all out? Then you should get blonde ombre hair, and add ash blonde highlights to the first blonde color. 

This is a great way to test if ash blonde highlights are for you or not. If you decide they’re not, you can easily dye the ends of your hair back to their original color or you could trim off the ends. On the other hand, if you really like the highlights, you should take this as a sign to go full-on blonde! 

5. Ombre Braids Highlights 

Blonde ombre box braids
Box braids are a fun way to experiment with color on natural hair. Photo by Johnathan Kaufman.

If you want to try ombre ash blonde highlights without dying your hair, then braids are the way to go! Not only are box braids a great protective style, but are also a fun way to experiment with different hair colors and styles, all while not having to tamper with your own hair. 

6. Ash Blonde Highlights Mixed with Brown  

Ash Blonde Braids Mixed with Brown
Ash blonde belongs with a variety of colors. Photo by Houcine Ncib

Who says ash blonde highlights should only highlight blonde hair? These highlights also look gorgeous paired with chocolate brown hair or with reddish hair. Try this style on your own natural hair or in protective styles such as in these gorgeous mini knotless braids pictured. 

7. Ash Blonde Highlights with Silver Hair 

Grey and ash blonde braids
Create an illustrious illusion when you mix these two shades.

These highlights look nearly silver at times. Why not create a gorgeous illusion with your hair by adding silver streaks to your ash blonde highlights? If you are braiding your hair with these colors, try using SheaMoisture Papaya & Neroli All Day Frizz Control Styling Gel for more easy-going styling while braiding. 

8.  Ash Blonde with Various Blonde Hues 

Ash Blonde Braids
Mix blonde shades together for a new look! Photo by Ron McClenny

Blonde comes in so many shades! Try mixing a variety of blonde shades to the ultimate highlighted look! Don’t forget to let the ash be the primary shade that sticks out to help neutralize all the various shades of blonde!

9. Ash Blonde Streaks 

Ash Blonde front hair streaks
Opt-in for steaks instead of highlights for a chic, edgy look.

Want to make a bold statement? Then try dying the two front streaks of your hair ash blonde while leaving the best of your hair darker. Blonde streaks like this tend to look best with black hair. 

Will you be trying out ash blonde highlights on your natural hair or with your natural hair protective styles? Show us your look by tagging us @AllThingsHairUS. Also for more hair color inspiration, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter below!


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