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How Creator Keena Hall Embraces the Natural Afro Style in the Age of Social Media

The beauty of natural hair afros is here to stay!

Starting your natural hair journey can be a frightening experience, but for many, it is rewarding. As we celebrate the natural afro style this World Afro Day, many young women may just be starting their natural hair journeys. In honor of this. All Things Hair sat down with fashion and lifestyle creator Keena Hall – A creator who has learned to embrace her natural hair afro over time and has made it a staple to her look. 

Content Creator Keena Hall Shares How She Embraces Her Natural Afro Style

About Keena Hall & the Start of her Journey

Natural Hair afro keena
Keena Hall is a fashion and lifestyle influencer based in NYC. Photo Credit: keena_hall

Keena Hall is a New York City-based creator. She began her natural hair journey in 2019. “It is the best decision I’ve ever made,” Hall says. You can often find Keena wearing colorful outfits on Instagram, where she lets her natural hair afro and protective styles shine through.“I grew up getting perms and relaxers, being told that my hair was too hard or it looked better straight,” Hall says when speaking on her earliest experiences with her hair. “I believed it for years until I saw my roots curl up one day.” As a result, Hall grabbed scissors and clipped every strand she saw.

Keena was initially inspired to begin creating content when realizing there was a considerable lack of creators who looked like her in the beauty space. “I am the youngest of four sisters, and every Sunday, my mother would do everyone’s hair, and that was my only beauty influence for a long time. As I began doing my hair alone, I realized I didn’t know as much as I thought. Because of this, I got so tired of never seeing anyone I could relate to on social media,” said Keena. 

As a result, Keena started her content creation journey. Her goal was to be the inspiration that showcases natural hair afros in a unique style.

Keena’s Favorite Natural Afro Style Products

natural hair afro protective style
Keena also enjoys wearing a variety of protective styles. Photo Credit: keena_hall

Starting your natural hair journey with natural hair comes with a big responsibility. On her social media pages, Keena often wears her natural hair afro. She also wears a large variety of protective styles. These styles include beaded braids, dreadlocks, and even a single long braided ponytail, where she calls on her inner Rapunzel. 

To care for her afro and achieve these looks,  Keena has tried multiple products since 2019. SheaMoisture is one of her top lines for hair products. “Some products I enjoy using is the entire SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil line.” She especially likes the SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner. She also loves the SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil + Flaxseed Strong Hold Styling Gel for occasional hair styling. 

Keena’s Hope for the Beauty Industry in Embracing the Afro Style

Natural Hair afro keena
Where natural hair meets fashion. Photo credit @Keena_Hall

Since starting her Natural Hair journey four years ago, Keena has shared the progress of her journey on social media. Her goal has been to create more representation in the space. Some of her favorite creators she currently draws inspiration from who have a similar mission as her a  @golynaps and @folahontas, who are both Black micro-influencers on Instagram known for their natural hair afro and lifestyle-based content. 

Regarding the current state of the beauty industry’s stance on natural hair and afros, Keena appreciates how inclusive the space has become. “The Beauty Industry has become more open to many different hair textures,” she states. “I love the fact that when I go to the store, I’m able to see a variety of products catered to not just me but all women with different hairstyles and textures. Everyone’s hair is unique.” Keena believes that the industry is finally understanding that and adapting to be more inclusive in hair. However, Keena agrees that there is still a lot of progress in the industry. For instance, brands. Many need to do a better job showcasing more creators who wear and highlight their natural hair afros. 

Keena’s Advice for Future Afro Style Naturalistas

While talking about the change Keena hopes to see in the industry, she would like to see more individuals being able to embrace their afros. Keena’s advice to anyone who wants but is struggling to do so is just to go for it. “If you’re unsure of a hairstyle or new technique, just try it! There is no harm in experiencing a new look and switching things up.” 

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